The Legacy of Fontanelli ☮

by apollosolaris

JOHN the man around whom the story revolves is a poor man, until he an incredible legacy in his lap gets: An ability that an ancestor in the 15th century has left and that compound interest in 500 years to one trillion U.S. dollars has grown .

One Trillion dollars. The richest man in the world. This was really too ridiculous for words. And after that? He asked.

“We are very curious,” said Cristoforo vaccination. What do you mean? The old lawyer made ​​a vague gesture with his hands. Well, you will then have so much money that each country will anxiously wondering what decisions you’ll make. That power you have. What are you gonna do, depends only on you. What did Giacomo Fontanelli actually seen in his dream that I’m gonna do? We do not know he has given you the right thing. He does not say more in the notes he handed to us. The right? But what is right? that what mankind will give her future back. And how is that?

The Padrone laughed. “I do not know my son.”