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About JFK Jr

The original name of this blog was F*ck JFK Jr. I decided to change this to About JFK Jr, and here is the reason why…

First of all i don,t think this man has bad intentions at all. That’s the exact reason i was a little bit angry just like the woman in the second video when i saw how he expressed himself about this Climate garbage…..

The video is posted below. He spreads some serious truths about this Covid bullshit so let’s have some faith he will change his mindset about this “Climate” agenda the globalists have rolled out. First is a music video i posted together with the original blog. I like that one so it stays. Second video is the one that’s provoked my reaction. That’s all Folks…

PS….always with 🎧🤗 👇



David Straight explains the 13 Month Calender … and he also talks about frequencies

ROGUE SABRE Final Report – XXX Harvested

This ARTIFICIAL time frequency is based on the ratio 12:60 rather than 13:20 natural time. The 12:60 timing frequency has as its aim the weakening of the human resonant field with the Earth.



The ordinary spirit is the energy of human evolution, and the Holy Spirit is the evolutionary energy of Divine development.

You can unite for the sake of destruction. And history knows many such associations. But it is better to unite for the sake of creation. And in this process, one must be aware that the ordinary spirit is the energy of human evolution, and the Holy Spirit is the evolutionary energy of Divine development. Jesus said: I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. Why did he say so? Because he surrendered to the will of his Divine Self. He found his mature soul, he saved himself from immersion in matter and saved many around him.@theneighbours2021



Schiller – Dancing in the Dark

I don’t hurt before, yeah
I don’t hurt bad
Never been that good in love
So now I cover my heart
And I dance alone

There you walk in
Somehow the music changes
It gets so loud
Under the blights
Quietly to got
Me in overthrown

You got me going crazy
I thought I had this love game down
I am standing here mistakin’ over you
Crushing into deep
Oh I don’t mind if I should fall apart
As long as you’re here with me
Dancing in the dark

And now I am letting go
No I don’t mind if I should fall apart
As long as you’re here with me
Dancing in the dark
How did I, I loose myself in your eyes
Just one minute in your world
Got me thinking about
The unthinkable

You got me going crazy
I thought I had this love game down
I am standing here mistakin’ over you
Still I think of you
‘Cause I am letting go
No I don’t mind if I should fall apart
As long as you’re here with me
Dancing in the dark

And now I am letting go
No I don’t mind if I should fall apart
As long as you’re here with me
Dancing in the dark

If I should fall apart
If love should break your heart
I’ll be alright and you will too
If I should fall apart
If love should break your heart
Just keep dancing in the dark

‘Cause I am letting go
No I don’t mind if I should fall apart
As long as you’re here with me
Dancing in the dark

And now I am letting go
No I don’t mind if I should fall apart
As long as you’re here with me
Dancing in the dark



What we think of as spirituality is not limited to what we think spirituality is. Spirituality is innate to being. It’s to be involved in the enigma of being. It’s to crack that nut, to open up that mystery. I think so much of deeper spirituality begins when we finally have the maturity, whether it […]

National Quantum Initiative Act

The National Quantum Initiative Act is an Act of Congress passed on December 13, 2018, and signed into law on December 21, 2018. The law gives the United States a plan for advancing quantum technology, particularly quantum computing. It was passed unanimously by the United States Senate and was signed into law by President Donald Trump. The National Quantum Initiative provides an umbrella under which a number of government agencies develop and operate programs related to improving the climate for quantum science and technology in the US, coordinated by The National Quantum Coordination Office. These agencies include the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the National Science Foundation, and the Department of Energy. Under the authority of the NQI, the NSF and the DOE have established new research Centers and Institutes, and NIST has established The Quantum Economic Development Consortium, a consortium of industrial, academic, and governmental entities.


French Government Background Ops | NESARA is Real | Military Alliance on the Move Everywhere

QNewsPatriot Published December 12, 2022130,987 Views


Mirror, Mirror what U c? Devil, devil what u Know? U been here since 1914, but now U got 2 go. U been hidin behind CORPOROTE EYES. U wanna war, but u can,t fight. Devil. U got 2 GO.


The Year the Cabal Enslaved America

Life can be a struggle.

Parents warn their children of this before sending them to college. We all know it, but we don’t know how to fix it, and those of us in this community understand that it is by design—a design that stretches back to 1913.

Prior to 1913, life was different. There might not have been TV’s, the Internet or ubiquitous technology, but people had the one thing we need back as a nation: Pure Financial Freedom. The value of money was worth astronomically more than it is today, and few had to worry about loans or debt.

The economy in America during the 1800’s represented a battle between the Founding Father’s ‘hard money’ and the Cabal’s ‘paper money’ systems. Banks started out as a convenience market, introduced as a way for people to store their US-Minted Coins.


Wedding feast❤

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly…🦋

“Returning to Our Original State:

To be clear, returning to our original state is a natural process that can be easy or difficult according to our belief patterns.

However, simply becoming involved with technical relationships of the Mer-Ka-Bah, such as correcting our breathing patterns or mentally realizing the infinite connections to all patterns of life, for example, are not enough.
At least one other factor is even more important than the Mer-Ka-Bah itself, and that is the understanding, realization and living of divine love.

For it is divine love, sometimes referred to as unconditional love, that is the primary factor that allows the Mer-Ka-Ba to become a living field of light.

Without divine love, the Mer-Ka-Bah is just a machine, and this machine will have limitations that will never allow the spirit that created it to return home and reach the highest levels of consciousness–the place where there are no levels.

We must be experiencing and expressing unconditional love in order to move beyond a certain dimension, and the world is fast heading towards that higher place.

We are heading away from the place of separatism where we see ourselves inside the body looking out.
That view will be gone soon, to be replaced with a different view of reality where we will have the sense and knowledge of absolute unity with all life; and that sense will grow more and more as we continue to move upward through each level on our journey home.

When we explore special ways of opening the heart– to kindle compassionate, unconditional love so that you can have a direct experience.

If you can just let this happen, you may discover things about yourself that you didn’t know before.”

-Ancient Secrets of The Flower of Life


Keys to Nirvava ~ No 1 https://apollosolaris.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/keys-to-nirvava-no-1.pdf

Keys to Nirvana ~ No 2 https://apollosolaris.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/keys-to-nirvana-no-2.pdf

Keys to Nirvana: No 3 https://apollosolaris.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/keys-to-nirvana_-no-3.pdf

We cannot battle dark forces into submission; conflict perpetuates duality. Our aim should be to remember the truth of what we are 💠💫

There’s so much content flowing just on Telegram alone & I know many of yall are anxious for the ‘events’ to go down. We all want to see these satanic DS agents all fall, but ‘anxious energy’ is only going to delay these events from manifesting. Anxious energy will only manifest more of that & more waiting. This is why mockingbird news continues to put out fear porn & headlines that will dampen your higher state of being — along with all other attacks.

It is vital to stay BALANCED — stay in your highest vibration, ebb & flow of your higher emotions. Detach & detox from absorbing all this geo-political news — go absorb ‘NATURAL ENERGY’. This frequency will help manifest what we ALL want much greater & faster than scrolling news channels & social media feeds, hoping to see the headlines you want. It’s already done — allow it to unfold into the physical reality. ✨🙏🏽👁🤍✨


The music of the spheres are dancing and illuminating the rays of harmonic vibrations to draw us home. As we move into the new Solar System we come home unto ourselves.

IN THE ART OF PEACE we never attack 🌺🙏🌺🙏🌺🙏

IN THE ART OF PEACE we never attack. An attack is proof that one is out of control. Never run away from any challenge, but do not try to suppress or control an opponent unnaturally.. Let attackers come any way they like, and then blend with them. Never chase after opponents. Redirect each attack and get firmly behind it.


Resonance, Energy and Consciousness

“All things, material and spiritual, originate from one source and are related as if they were one family. The past, present, and future are all contained in the life force. The universe emerged and developed from one source, and we evolved through the optimal process of unification and harmonization.”

Morihei Ueshiba (The Art of Peace)


Stay Strong ♥️🌹♥️

♡ @ Autumnskyeart ♡ Bring Flowers and Lay them at the feet of your Inner Beloved. ♥️🌹♥️ Great armfuls of Blossoms and Wildness, Tender, Delicate, Bursting with the scent of life and longing.🤍🌸💫🕊 Let the Petals fall if they are Weary, or the stems bend where they are Held, for Perfection is not a sign of Devotion. Rather it is your Delight in the Gathering and your Thoughtfulness in the offering that will show your Adoration.🤍🌸💫 Take your Time and Court that Inner Flame of Love until a mighty Fire of Passion Ignites and Warms the World around You 💖🌸💖

“Stay Strong”
autumnskyeart 🌈🌺💫
Art StarBlueDreamer🌈

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