Mirror, Mirror what U c? Devil, devil what u Know? U been here since 1914, but now U got 2 go. U been hidin behind CORPOROTE EYES. U wanna war, but u can,t fight. Devil. U got 2 GO.

by apollosolaris


The Year the Cabal Enslaved America

Life can be a struggle.

Parents warn their children of this before sending them to college. We all know it, but we don’t know how to fix it, and those of us in this community understand that it is by design—a design that stretches back to 1913.

Prior to 1913, life was different. There might not have been TV’s, the Internet or ubiquitous technology, but people had the one thing we need back as a nation: Pure Financial Freedom. The value of money was worth astronomically more than it is today, and few had to worry about loans or debt.

The economy in America during the 1800’s represented a battle between the Founding Father’s ‘hard money’ and the Cabal’s ‘paper money’ systems. Banks started out as a convenience market, introduced as a way for people to store their US-Minted Coins.


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