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About JFK Jr

The original name of this blog was F*ck JFK Jr. I decided to change this to About JFK Jr, and here is the reason why…

First of all i don,t think this man has bad intentions at all. That’s the exact reason i was a little bit angry just like the woman in the second video when i saw how he expressed himself about this Climate garbage…..

The video is posted below. He spreads some serious truths about this Covid bullshit so let’s have some faith he will change his mindset about this “Climate” agenda the globalists have rolled out. First is a music video i posted together with the original blog. I like that one so it stays. Second video is the one that’s provoked my reaction. That’s all Folks…

PS….always with 🎧🤗 👇



So if you win, come up, accept your little award, thank your agent and your god, and f—k off.”

The Beginning Of The End




Mirror, Mirror what U c? Devil, devil what u Know? U been here since 1914, but now U got 2 go. U been hidin behind CORPOROTE EYES. U wanna war, but u can,t fight. Devil. U got 2 GO.


The Year the Cabal Enslaved America

Life can be a struggle.

Parents warn their children of this before sending them to college. We all know it, but we don’t know how to fix it, and those of us in this community understand that it is by design—a design that stretches back to 1913.

Prior to 1913, life was different. There might not have been TV’s, the Internet or ubiquitous technology, but people had the one thing we need back as a nation: Pure Financial Freedom. The value of money was worth astronomically more than it is today, and few had to worry about loans or debt.

The economy in America during the 1800’s represented a battle between the Founding Father’s ‘hard money’ and the Cabal’s ‘paper money’ systems. Banks started out as a convenience market, introduced as a way for people to store their US-Minted Coins.


Wedding feast❤

MORPHEUS: Were you listening to me, Neo? Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?

For females, this is the MK-Ultra haircut. The sub-project of MK-Ultra is called ‘Beta Sex Kittens — which programs & grooms children for prostitution. They are drugged & traumatized, to turn off their moral compass to become ‘mind-control sex slaves’ & to behave like an obedient animal or pet. This is why many female celebrities are dressed in animal outfits like cats, bunnies (playboy) or mickey mouse ears.

The Beta Sex Kitten worked so well in female celebrities that this program was used on the masses — the viewers, fans & followers. The grooming of children we see in schools & entertainment are all stemmed from the Beta Sex Kitten program.

I’m not saying girls should not wear this ‘bob cut’ hairstyle, but we should be aware of the symbols that are being used & communicated in plain sight. ✨👁✨


The first Rule of Fight Club. You don’t talk about Fight Club.

The second Rule of Fight Club is…

You don’t talk about Fight Club…

8 the final Rule..

This is your first Night at Fight Club…

You’ve Got to Fight…

“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.” Mix inspired to : Fight Club (1999)

The number one rule of Luciferianism is – there is no such thing as Luciferianism…

ITNJ Witness Statement

My name is Fiona Barnett. I was born Fiona Rae Holowczak, on 28 October 1969, in Sydney, Australia. I am a victim of CIA child trafficking, Luciferian ritual abuse, and Project MK-ULTRA.

Child trafficking is run as a single integrated world operation. This operation is coordinated by the CIA in collaboration with British and Australian intelligence services. Retired NYPD Detective James Rothstein was appointed to the first US taskforce to investigate this child trafficking operation which, he found, went all the way up to the Whitehouse. Detective Rothstein found that the CIA were behind a blackmail operation in which child prostitutes were used to honeytrap and compromise politicians, military brass, top businessmen, and key government officials. Rothstein, who arrested the key Watergate perpetrator, said Watergate solely concerned this human compromise racket, and specifically was an attempt to obtain a list of compromised pedophile VIPs and their proclivities that was held at the Democratic National Headquarters. I spoke with Rothstein who said he knew of an identical VIP pedophile ring that existed here in Australia, and that an Australian intelligence officer named Peter Osborne knew the details of this.

The Australian wing of this child trafficking operation is coordinated by ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation). During the 1970s and 80s, Labour Party politician, Kim Beazley Sr. headed ASIO’s child trafficking operation. Under Kim Beazley’s administration, I was prostituted, at age 6 years, to a pedophile orgy at Parliament House in Canberra, where I was raped by then Prime Minister Gough WhitlamAttorney-General Lionel Murphy, and Governor-General John Kerr. During this same excursion, future Prime Minister Bob Hawke raped me in a suburban backyard near Canberra, and former President Richard Nixon raped me in the back of a US / CIA military plane at Australia’s main military airport where Airforce One lands when it visits Australia.

After this, I was child sex trafficked from Sydney airport to California, USA, in a cargo plane. I was gassed and stuffed in a wooden crate like an animal. During this trip, I was raped by media founder Ted Turner at a pedophile party held at Disneyland, and I was trafficked to the annual summer camp at Bohemian Grove attended by notable politicians, businessmen and other VIPs. I was raped by Reverend Billy Graham in a pink bubble themed cabin at Bohemian Grove. Billy Graham told me his good buddy Richard Nixon had recommended me to him. At Bohemian Grove, I was one of a group of children dressed as teddy bears and hunted for sport by men in the forest, to the theme song “Teddy Bears Picnic”. I also witnessed the ritual murder of a woman by male guests dressed in black Luciferian robes.

I will now lay the foundations for explaining the relationship between pedophilia, child trafficking, ritual abuse, mind control practises, and the CIA’s Project MK-ULTRA.

I was handed over to the CIA child trafficking network by my paternal grandparents, Helen and Peter Holowczak, who resided at 14 McAlister Ave, Engadine, a suburb located in the Sutherland Shire, south of Sydney. I was 15 years old when our family discovered that Peter Holowczak was not my blood relative. This news was well-received, since Peter Holowczak was a sadistic pedophile who violently abused me from my earliest memory. Peter Holowczak also abused my father and my brothers. My father, who has complex PTSD and DID, once told my relatives: “Everything Fiona says about the Satanists is true, but we just don’t tell her, for her own good.”

Peter and Helen Holowczak were amongst the large number of Slavic Nazi war criminals granted asylum by the Australian government through the International Refugee Organisation.

The wave of Slavic Nazis offered asylum in Australia was documented in Mark Aaron’s book War Criminals Welcome: Australia, a Sanctuary for War Criminals Since 1945. During a 2001 episode of the television show Lateline, Aaron explained:
Most of the war criminals who settled in Australia were not Germans or Austrians. They were people from Central and Eastern Europe, from the Ukraine, the Baltic States, the central European countries of Czechoslovakia, Croatia and Serbia… These people had done deals with western intelligence organisations, having given them intelligence were then secreted or allowed to go to third countries like Australia…
The Simon Wiesenthal Centre has a classification system whereby they rate (from A to F) how cooperative a country is with the process of locating, investigating and trying Nazi war criminals. Australia is ranked F – the least cooperative.

Numerous Nazi war criminals settled in an area south of Sydney which ran from the Sutherland Shire to Wollongong. These people worked and orgied together, just as they had done back in Nazi Europe. They carried Slavic, Germanic, or Anglicised versions of their former, surnames.
The Holowczak’s sought refuge from retaliation from the Allies for their collaboration with the Nazis. From when I was 6 years old, Peter Holowczak bragged to me about killing Jews for a living in the Nazi death camp located in Lublin, Poland. Helen was pursued by the Russians for her role in the Gestapo. Her father spent two years in a Siberian work camp for refusing to disclose her whereabouts to the Russians.

Polish people tend to name things after literal life events. The Holowczaks named their Australian house ‘Lublin’ and painted this title in folk art on a sign hung at the front entrance of their Engadine home. Peter named his Doberman dog ‘Satan’ and trained him to hunt and rape children. Helen, who regularly attended orgies with her Slavic refugee community, had three sons to three different men, none of whom were Peter Holowczak. Helen almost named her youngest son ‘Romance’ until an Aussie neighbour told her we don’t do that sort of thing in Australia.
Peter obtained his Doberman dog from another Slavic Nazi war criminal who was granted asylum in Australia. This man supplied dogs to the NSW Police force. He was also involved in the clean up and disposal of bodies following Luciferian ritual crimes.

What people must appreciate is that the Nazis were Luciferians. During their height of power, the Nazis conducted Luciferian rituals in broad daylight in the streets of Germany. Luciferianism is a secret, multi-generational religion with its roots in ancient Babylon and Egypt. Luciferians worship various ancient pagan gods including Lucifer, Molech, Baal, Dagon, Imhotep, Horus, Isis, Anubis, and Seth.

Nazism drew out and promoted those Slavics who secretly practised Luciferianism. My grandparents and the other Slavic war criminals who were granted asylum in Australia, congregated to covertly practise their brand of Nazi Luciferianism here in Australia. Over time, the descendants of these Luciferian pedophile refugees collaborated with existing Luciferian dynasties such as the Kidmans, Conlons, Overtons, Huxleys, Cardens, and Cumpstons, and infiltrated Australian government and influenced law and policy.

This explains why right is being confused with wrong, why the government bodies support the perpetrator instead of the victim of crime, and why our legislation is increasingly reflecting Luciferian pedophile doctrine. This explains, for prime example, why the Australian Human Rights Commission recently defended a pedophile who lied on his job application about his conviction and fined the employee for refusing to hire the pedophile. The president of the AHRC, who made that decision, is one of my Luciferian pedophile rapists.
Leonas Petrauskas was a close associate of my Lithuanian grandmother Helen Holowczak. Like the Holowczaks, Petrauskas was granted asylum through the International Refugee Organisation. In fact, the IRO employed him as a medic for a period in Europe. Petrauskas was educated in a Jesuit school. The Jesuits are Luciferians who practice ritual murder and child rape.  An increasing number of Australian politicians who hold power are Jesuits.

Owing to his Jesuit training, Leonas Petrauskas assumed the role of head Luciferian priest within the Sutherland Shire Catholic diocese. Roman Catholicism stems from Mithraism, the ancient Luciferian cult in which male priests were married to boy brides (alter boys), and temple prostitutes (nuns) bore children to the priests for ritual murder on key ritual dates. The Latin mass is a whitewashed version of the high Luciferian black mass in which a new-born baby is ritually murdered, and its blood and flesh eaten. This is the ritual that occurred at Bathurst City Hall in 1985, presided over by the AHRC President.

Most of my perpetrators were raised Catholic, and many associated with the Catholic colleges located at Sydney University, particularly Patricia Ann Conlon who lived at Sancta Sophia College at Sydney University. Patricia Ann Conlon (nee Carden) was the Grande Dame of the Sydney area.
As Jesuit high priest, Leonas Petrauskas presided over Luciferian rituals committed in the following Catholic Churches:

  • Regina Coli Church,
  • Beverly Hills, Sutherland Shire (which was gifted by, and closely associated with, the US military),
  • BoysTown chapels located at Engadine, Sutherland Shire,
  • John Bosco church located opposite Engadine BoysTown

Other key Catholic sites of Luciferian ritual were:  St James chapel located on Sydney University campus, St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney City.

Luciferianism is arranged according to a hierarchical structure which vaguely resembles a caste system. At the very top sit 13 family dynasties including the Rothschilds and the British Royal Family. These are recognised by the cult as demi-gods. Below these sit approximately 300 Luciferian bloodlines who are generally high IQ, although this tends to have been watered down in some families due to intermarriage. Below this group sit the commoners who can never attain higher status because they lack the desired bloodline. These are your random covens based on nationality (e.g., there’s a strong Scottish coven in Bundaberg), sexual orientation (e.g., Bond University has a lesbian coven), gang membership (bikie gangs), or self-styled, whatever goes these days. It is from these lines that the cult obtains ‘breeders’ – women who are forced to breed unregistered babies for sacrifice and sex trafficking. We refer to these bottom feeders as ‘coven scum’. Their behaviour is usually barbaric and requires constant management to stop them exposing the cult, and they show no respect for those in the caste above them. There is much jealousy and animosity directed by these lower members toward the blood-liners.

Rumble in the Jungle

The Second Foundation — The Nature of Man and Corporations – Anna Von Reitz

Monday, December 14, 2015


In the First Foundation we learned that Law and Religion are intimately connected and that in fact all Law with the exception of Natural Law, derives from specific religious traditions. The Law of the Land in the West derives from the Mosaic Law and the Judeo-Christian religions. This is supposed to be the Law of the American Nation. The Law of the Sea derives from the religion of Ancient Summer and Babylon, which worshipped a pantheon of gods including their god of the sea, which we call Satan. The Law Merchant which is also Law of the Sea derives from the Code of Hammurabi also developed by these ancient Middle Eastern religions.

We learned that even to this day the world is peopled with followers of these ancient and profane hedonistic cults, which have largely been suppressed and driven into secrecy, but continue to impact the world in disastrous ways nonetheless. These people worship the Father of All Lies. For them, a lie is a prayer. They use sex as a sacrament, worship in sacred groves, practice execution by fire, infanticide, and defilement as a doctrine. Their chief goddess, Semiramis, goes by many names— Isis, Cybele, Astarte, Ashtoreth, and even the Statue of Liberty. She is the “Mother of Idols, Harlots, and the Abominations of the World”.

We also learned that idolatry is alive and well in the modern world and that all the forms of money and credit we commonly use involve “graven images” and are in fact idols— something symbolic that stands for something real, as in a piece of paper that claims to represent the value of a man’s labor.

With this as a background we need to pause a moment and survey the circumstance. Our economy, our entire system of trade throughout the world, is based on a fundamental hoax— a lie which is perpetuated for profit by these consummate liars. They have hoodwinked the whole world into believing that a piece of paper CAN stand for a man’s labor, the produce of his fields, or the natural resources of his land. They have also convinced us that they should have the right to control this supposedly valuable new commodity they created out of thin air—- “legal tender”—-and that the rest of us should pay more than a 100% of what it is supposedly worth in order to possess it.

Not only that, these fraudsters have set up a clever system of human enslavement while trumpeting all sorts of words about freedom and the have destroyed life by genocide of all kinds while preaching about the sanctity of life. Up for them is down, and down is up.

This system of enslavement is very old— as old as these profane religions themselves—stretching back to our earliest records of civilization; but, the current round of this evil began in England with the 1867 Enfranchisement Act championed by Benjamin D’Israeli. D’Israeli is a made-up name. It means “Of Israel” and “Israel” in turn is a combination of three other names that will now be familiar: “Is” from Isis, “Ra” from Amen-Ra, the Egyptian Sun God, and “el” from Ba-El the Cain-anite God of Destruction, all part of the Ancient Sumerian pantheon of gods recast and renamed by later civilizations.

It appears that our support and friendship for any nation calling itself “Israel’ has been tragically misplaced and ignorant. When we see a nation called “Israel” and an organization called “Isis” we should immediately know one of two things: (1) two groups of Satanists are fighting each other, or (2) two groups of Satanists are appearing to fight one another, but actually working together to a single end. In this case, both options lead to more war and destruction in the Middle East.

When Jacob wrestled with the unnamed angel we are led to believe that he won the struggle and was rewarded with a new name, “Israel”. We are led to believe that the mysterious angel was holy. Instead, this is the story of Jacob’s temptation by Satan and the foreign gods of the Cain-anites known as “the Murderers”; it records his failure to endure. He was crippled by the loss of ten of his sons and their ten tribes to these foreign gods. And ever since, the name “Israel” is code for those “Lost Tribes”—-lost in the sense of being spiritually lost, not physically lost.

The Tribe of Dan was always the only sea-going tribe of Israel and intermarried with the Phoenicians and Carthaginians who practiced an especially virulent form of idolatry. By the seventh century B.C. they had reached the British Isles and established their own local version of the ancient Cain-anite religion known as Druidism. The Romans recognized it for what it was and promptly suppressed it upon their arrival in Britain 300 hundred years later, but merely driving the Druids underground failed to stamp out their profane beliefs and secret practices. The Old Ways— a mix of ancient rural magic and Cain-anite practices continues to the modern day.

By adopting the name “D’Israeli” Benjamin D’israeli was announcing his character and his intentions to the whole world—-for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. He was raising the “Serpent Banner” of the Tribe of Dan and proclaiming his intention to start the Old Ways again, under the Satanic Law of the Sea and the Talmud.

D’Israeli promised Queen Victoria that she would be “Empress of India” if she went along with his plans, and she did indeed become Empress of India—-at the cost of enslaving the British people and condemning them to perpetual war, instability, and debt.

The mechanism used is called “enfranchisement”, which many people mistakenly associate with the “right to vote”. In fact, landowners in both Britain and America already had the right to elect the House of Lords and the United States Senate respectively, and landless workers who had a share of the “commonwealth” also had the right to elect their representatives to the House of Commons and the House of Representatives (United States).

Enfranchisement was something else entirely. It was a private individual deal with the devil to buy into a national joint stock company by “pledging” one’s labor, one’s property, and one’s obedience to the corporate leadership no matter what the leadership required. In exchange for enslaving oneself in this fashion, the victims were given voter registration cards and allowed to vote in the elections of the private corporation thus formed. All the collateral gained was then used to finance the enterprises of the corporation as a whole. Liens against the property of the English people and their labor are what D’israeli used to fund the Raj in India— the slavery of one people being used to bankroll the enslavement of another.

By 1933 the Roosevelts in America had also been won over to this ancient elitist evil together with their industrialist and banker friends, who saw this as an unprecedented means to power and control over the entire economy—-for their own benefit, of course.

The victims of “enfranchisement” were allowed to vote for lower-ranking members of the corporation based upon their own assets, but final selection of the ultimate leader of the corporation remained in the hands of the elite “Electoral College” and that CEO, known as the “President of the United States” was granted over 350 new powers enabling him to rule America as a virtual dictator during the Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Then as now, the rats followed a process of creating a crisis, creating demand for a solution to the crisis, and then profiting from the crisis.

The “Great Depression” resulted in the President of a private, mostly foreign-owned corporation being given dictatorial powers, the bankers being given total control of the American economy, and the military being committed to ever-expanding war for profit. The original perpetrators were able to hire labor for almost nothing, buy up land and natural resources for pennies on the dollar, and put their competitors out of business. For them, the Great Depression was a wonderful time. For everyone else, it was a disaster.

The Treaty of Paris 1783 (Article 3) makes a very clear distinction between the British Loyalists known as “inhabitants” and the “free sovereign and independent people”. This convention was reversed and the meanings of things confused by the federal corporation “Constitution” of 1868, which refers to the people of the land jurisdiction belonging to the Republic as “peaceful inhabitants”. Then as now, the semantic deceits and confusions are used to trap the unwary and great care must be exercised to always identify the context of the terms being used. An “inhabitant” under the Treaty of Paris 1783 is a British Loyalist subject to the Crown; under the 14th Amendment to the Crown’s deceptively named corporate Constitution known as the “Constitution of the United States of America” the “peaceful inhabitants” of the land are the free sovereign and independent people. Down is up and up is down. They are “inhabitants” from our viewpoint and the viewpoint of the Treaty of Paris 1783; we are “inhabitants” from their viewpoint and the viewpoint of the 14th Amendment to their corporate “Constitution”.

In 1933, Roosevelt announced his “New Deal”—- by which he meant a new commercial offer, to the Americans. This “offer” was carried out at the end of a gun, as he sent Federal Agents throughout the country to confiscate privately held American gold.

To the rest of the world, Roosevelt claimed that Americans gave up their gold willingly, “voluntarily”, and enrolled in his New Deal by the millions in order to receive welfare benefits from the Public Charitable Trust (PCT). This trust was set up at the end of the Civil War as a fund to promote the welfare of displaced plantation slaves; the newly enslaved American work force was to similarly pay for all their own “benefits” and have the self-aggrandizing perpetrators of this gigantic fraud present themselves as great philanthropists and social Do-Gooders.

Meanwhile, the plan to “enfranchise” all Americans was set in motion. This was done by a process of “registration” of the names of all babies born and high-jacking an otherwise harmless and familiar process of recording the birth of babies for evil purposes. New Mothers were forced to sign paperwork under conditions of semantic deceit and non-disclosure. Unknown to them, this paperwork implied that they were all unwed Mothers, unable or unwilling to care for their children, and that they were willingly signing their infants over to the “State” as wards of the “State”.

In this way the “State” corporation—itself of franchise of the “United States Corporation Company” became the owner and controller of the child, while the Mother became an unpaid caretaker, subject to every whim and requirement of the “State” corporation, while the child was deemed an “asset” of the “State” corporation and bonds based on the value of the new slave, known as CUSIP Bonds, were issued on the world stock market for purchase by investors.

Once “registered” and “enfranchised” the natural birthright standing of Americans was destroyed via fraud on the probate court. The perpetrators alleged that the baby’s Mother had voluntarily given her child to the corporation and that they were voluntarily enrolled as Federal United States Citizens— a foreign political status. The living American was declared “civilly dead”.

All this fraud, all these false claims, all these behind-the-scenes maneuvers aimed at entrapment and extortion were done with no public disclosure whatsoever. People were deliberately led to believe that everything was as it had always been, that they were “free” and that they were merely paying for “social insurance” for their old age and being “responsible citizens” when in fact they were being enslaved and used as chattel to back the spending of a private corporate Board of Directors calling itself the “United States Congress” and a man calling himself the “President of the United States”.

The jurists among us justified this by claiming that, technically, the enfranchisement process resulted in the creation of a separate “corporate persona” and technically, there is no law against enslaving a corporation. The Social Security and Taxpayer and Birth Certificate and License Numbers all belong to a corporation, not a living man or woman.

They also claimed that this was a lawful process, because —-again, technically—-anyone who wanted to be exempt from this system could simply self-declare their objection, waive the “benefits”, and change their presumed political status as a “voluntary” enrollee.

The problem of course is that nobody victimized by this scheme was ever told anything about this and it is impossible to object to a contract—or a political status— that you don’t know exists. All this was done and perpetuated under a cloud of secrecy by those benefiting from it, against babies in their cradles and uninformed women only a few hours out of the trauma of labor and childbirth.

That this fraud upon the free sovereign and independent people of the United States should have been promulgated and engendered by this supremely predatory means by people on their own payroll is bad enough; that it was addressed against the most innocent, harmless, and defenseless members of our society reveals the cowardly, diabolical, and infamous nature of the men and women responsible for this fraud upon our nation.

These people, these followers of the Father of All Lies, have always practiced a religion of Defilement and Deceit, and they have always made it their peculiar and particular aim to defile what is innocent, to spoil what is healthy, defame what is pure, and deceive and defraud the helpless. Once you realize that they are literally followers of Satan, it all makes sense. And it also means that all sane people of all other religions everywhere are called upon to become aware and to take up the responsibility for stamping out this ancient evil once and for all.

As an American I am all for religious tolerance— but not criminality masquerading in the guise of a religion.

Modern day attorneys excuse their association with this false religion on the grounds that the search for Truth requires delving into every aspect of Untruth, so as to be able to perceive one from the other. This “plunge into the manure pile in order to grow roses” idea is patently seductive, and has led instead to their own profession falling victim to the practices of Satanism. Instead of sharpening their ability to discern Truth, it has led to wholesale corruption of the courts and governments throughout the world.

All this gives rise to the question— is evil endemic, inherited, as part of the unavoidable nature of man? Is it genetic? Or do we inherit bad ideas and poor morals by a process of education and indoctrination?

If we are born evil, what is the nature of that evil? And if it is learned, what are the seminal bad “memes”— ideas or beliefs— that are being inherited like faulty genes?

All the synagogues of Satan have an inscription, a quote from Cain: “Am I my brother’s keeper?” on their eastern wall. It is the same eastern wall that Jeremiah saw so long ago.

If we want to live, if we want peace, we have to answer that question in the affirmative.

Modern scientific studies have shown that about 5% of all people are literally born without a conscience. These natural psychopaths are totally innocent in the same way a dog is innocent. They have no natural inbred moral compass, no sense of right or wrong. They learn what others consider right or wrong by rote experience the same way a dog learns to fetch a paper. They can’t recognize a moral action from an immoral action on their own, and they do not have the ability to “walk a mile” in another’s moccasins. They lack the ability to project their perception so as to see things from another’s point of view, to feel empathy or sympathy. They see and experience the world as completely separate and autonomous beings.

According to the Bible, Eve’s Disobedience resulted in the “Gift” of “knowledge of good and evil” being passed down to her children. The original model had no internal compass, no knowledge of “good” or “evil”. The 5% of natural psychopaths are a throwback to that primordial state of innocence, but as we can observe, it was hardly a state of bliss. These people are often profoundly alienated. Most wind up in prisons or other institutional environments, but they are aware of a single, profound, and fundamental truth that escapes the rest of us and leads to our downfall:

Each man or woman is the only unit measure of Mankind that there is.

This uniqueness scares us. We seek to lose ourselves, including our accountability for our actions, in groups. We like to shrug and look around the room and say, “I’m an American!” or “I’m a Muslim!” or “I’m a Democrat!” or “I’m black!” or “I’m white!”—–and use this as an excuse for what the group is believing, doing, or experiencing.

But there is no group. There is only each one of us.

If ten men commit a murder it is the same as one man committing murder ten times. Each one participating in such an act is guilty of the crime and it makes no difference if you are all in it together; it only seems to make it socially acceptable or seems to distribute the blame, when in fact that whole responsibility continues to rest on each one, indivisibly, the same.

This delusional belief in groups leads us to participate in war, in cruelty to animals, in waste and pollution on a vast scale, and in all manner of criminality.

We have taken this delusion beyond the pigeon-holing of prejudice, as when we talk about “the Jews” and “the Blacks” and “the Whites” and have wholesale enshrined it as a part of our economic life. In striving to avoid our uniqueness and our accountability for our actions, we have created corporations and used these fictitious entities to define other unnatural and fundamentally non-existent groups, so that we speak of “Exxon” and “Pepsi-Co” and “Monsanto” as if these collections of collaborating individuals drawn together to make products for sale had a life apart from the people making up these organizations.

Once again, the whole unspoken and seductive reason for the creation and definition of a group is to avoid our singular responsibility as “one” of the people. The only reason commercial corporations exist is for those involved to avoid accountability for their actions—to hide behind the “corporate veil” and limit the extent of their “investment exposure”. Incorporation creates an arbitrary indemnification that protects shareholders, investors, employees, and corporate officers from being accountable for their choices and actions.

This is why unsafe products are brought to market with such alarming regularity, especially in the pharmaceutical and investment industries. Oh, we killed 500,000 people? Poisoned them with snake oil? Who cares? We aren’t responsible. We are a corporation. Oh, we sold billions of people unregistered securities (mortgages) that we obtained under conditions of gross deceit and fraud? Who cares? We aren’t responsible. We are a corporation.

This is also the reason behind the alarming rise in police brutality and the resurgence of the Nuremberg Defense: “I was just following orders!”

Instead of occupying public offices and being held accountable to the people, these men and women are working for corporations instead—- and what do we know about corporations? They are faceless, formless representations of a purpose stated in their corporate charter, cut free from accountability for those creating, operating, staffing, or profiting from these organizations.

Corporations are the ultimate fictitious group and they easily become idols as well, as they exist only on paper and often come to represent something actual—- such as a product or service: Pepsi, Blue Shield, Red Cross, Pennzoil, and so on.

The first step out of this madness is to realize that we are all utterly unique and we are all—each one of us— utterly responsible. There is only you– one utterly unique being who is completely responsible for what you say and believe and do. Always.

The second step is to hold corporations and those running them and investing in them similarly responsible.

There is in fact no such thing as “Exxon” or the “UNITED STATES” or “Pierce County” or “NEW JERSEY”.

There are only individual people in back of these names, and each one of them is responsible for their actions.

As you read corporate charters of organizations like the International Monetary Fund or the State of New Hampshire or The Bank of England or even the New Holland Rotary Club you will be struck by the high-sounding idealism of all these documents proclaiming the purposes of these organizations. Almost always there will be references to worthy social goals, improvements to communities and professions, services and products. And at the end there will usually be this little statement added almost as an afterthought: “any lawful purpose”.

This should underscore a couple important points about the non-human entities we have allowed to proliferate and run rampant among us.

First, corporations nearly always fail to perform according to their charters; if not immediately, eventually, they fail and get off-track from their lofty self-proclaimed missions.

Second, corporations are bound to operate for “lawful” purposes.

Third, corporations are only as good as the men and women operating them day to day. If you have a crook running an otherwise good and trusted corporation you have an instant crime syndicate to deal with.

All it takes is an FDR or an Adolph Hitler to control, corrupt, and derail a corporation.

Because corporations are granted the benefits of the “corporate veil” and their leaders and workers are not typically held accountable for their actions, they make prime breeding ground for criminal enterprises, yet are seldom policed by anyone but revenue agents whose only concern is to extort a percentage of their profits.

There is one other point about corporations. Under the current cozy arrangements among the international banking cartels and their front organizations providing governmental services, the moment you incorporate any organization you take it off the natural jurisdiction of the land and place it in the international jurisdiction of the sea, under the Satanic Law of the Sea.

Let all that sink in.

Incorporating a church places it under the Law of Satan. Even if it continues to preach the same message, it is under new rules.

Incorporating a county places it under the Law of Satan. It can no longer operate under the Law of the Land.

Incorporating a living man’s name places his name under the Law of Satan. He is literally entered in The Book of the Dead as an incorporated entity —- JOHN RAYMOND DOE is the name of a legal fiction, not a living man.

Our long struggle to avoid our unique self and our equally unique responsibility on planet Earth has led to this criminality on the part of corporations and those in charge of those corporations that are operating in violation of their charters.
In fact, no corporation that acts in violation of its charter and treaty agreements and causes trouble for living people has any right to exist. It is subject to immediate lien, bankruptcy, or liquidation.

This is what needs to happen to all the corporations that have plagued humanity and which have flagrantly and criminally violated the Public Law and their charters.

There are a couple other things I want you all to notice—- not only is the single Man or Woman the only unit of being there is, and not only are we each utterly responsible for what we say, do, believe, or fail to say or do—-we have certain natural limitations.

The Truth is fully known at all times, recorded in exquisitely fine and permanent detail by the expanding medium of time itself. Nothing is lost, nothing forgotten, and nothing is unknown.

All our deepest fears and pains, our most shameful longings, our most terrible griefs and highest joys are all known. There ARE no secrets. It is only our own lack of perception that makes it seem otherwise.

If we but realized it, it is impossible to lie, because Truth is all there is.

Imagine how the world would change overnight if everyone simply acknowledged this fact? That there are no secrets, and no way to lie about anything? It is literally impossible, so….. why do it?

As many of you are parents, you have had the experience of dealing with your child caught red-handed with both hands in the cookie jar? Or claiming that they didn’t do something that you saw them do?

That’s how it is with too many grown-ups, too. They continue to imagine that they can lie and get away with it, because there is a time delay between the cause and the effect, and because other people are not – generally speaking — perceptive enough to detect a lie. This lack of perceptual ability leads to the false idea that you CAN lie, and just like naughty children, we persist in lying out of ignorance.

If we truly knew that everything is already known, we would change a great many of the things we habitually do that are wrong. Imagine NEVER even being tempted to tell a lie again? Ever, about anything? That is the freedom that comes from knowing the Truth.

Until Mankind as a whole develops expanded perception of time and can directly perceive the complete impossibility of lying about or hiding anything we continue to struggle with deceit.

The other thing that is important to note is that as a whole, Mankind is ill-equipped to answer any question but “What?”

We are supremely well-equipped to answer the question of “What we want?” but spend our time worrying about how we are going to get it, why we want this or don’t want that, when we are going to get what we want or if we are going to get it, and so on.

We need to stop and realize that our expertise is pretty much limited to discerning what we want.

Otherwise, we have to admit with the Prophet Jeremiah that we can’t put one foot in front of the other with any certainty or power. We have all experienced the fact that we cannot foretell much of anything or guarantee anything at all. We all know we might die ten seconds from now. We all know that both miracles and disasters happen, or as King Solomon opined, “time and unforeseen circumstance” change our lives day by day in such a way that even under the best of circumstance we all agree that life is what happens while we were planning something else.

This is because we can’t really answer how things happen, or fully discern why things happen, much less dictate when or if things happen the way we want them to—- yet we waste our lives scurrying around trying to do what we can’t do and dictate what we can’t dictate—–while neglecting the one thing we can do and should do and must do: determine what we want.

If you are fixed and certain that what you want is love, truth, peace, plenty, and justice, these are what you will find—- for what you seek you find, and what you yearn for you create as naturally as rain falls from the sky.

Mankind may only be able to answer one question, but when we do our job and answer it honestly, we can easily change the world. We don’t need to worry about what other people want or don’t want. We don’t have to agonize over “how” or “when” or “where” or “who” or any other question.

It is our inability to control all these other factors that makes it impossible for Mankind to guarantee contracts and which places a limit upon us that we need to observe. Every time we sign a contract or promise to do anything, we are gambling and trading with factors that are not ours to control.
Think about it. Can you promise to pay off a mortgage thirty years from now, when in fact you can’t guarantee being alive in the morning?

It is the same way with all contracts. We are pledging what is not ours to grant. Every contract we sign and every promise we make is at best an expression of our intent, our good faith and at worst an outright lie and breach of trust.

Thus, it is said, let your yes be yes and your no be no. Swear by nothing and nobody. Promise nothing you can’t deliver. Admit that you are not competent to contract with corporations which are capable of living forever, and realize that it is of no real benefit to do so.


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CommonDreams Breaking News & Vieuws for the Progressive Community Articles Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges writes a regular column for Truthdig.com. Hedges graduated from Harvard Divinity School and was for nearly two decades a foreign correspondent for The New York Times. He is the author of many books, including: War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning, What Every Person Should Know About War, and American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America. His most recent book is Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle.

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CommonDreams Breaking News & Vieuws for the Progressive Community Articles Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges
Chris Hedges writes a regular column for Truthdig.com. Hedges graduated from Harvard Divinity School and was for nearly two decades a foreign correspondent for The New York Times. He is the author of many books, including: War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning, What Every Person Should Know About War, and American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America. His most recent book is Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle.
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Tila Tequila Suffers Brain Aneurysm After Exposing Illuminati Dark Secrets

PLEASE FIRST READ THIS AND THAN WATCH THE MOVIES   After you have read this shit they are doing and watched the movies READ HERE HOW TO FIX THIS SHIT  

If you don,t CONTROL YOUR MIND, Someone else will ~John Allston

The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an
Total Mind Controlled Slave  | The Illuminatie How the Cult programs people LINK

Gepubliceerd op 6 okt. 2012

UPDATE: THE “OTHERS” HACKED AND DELETED MY BLOG WHERE I POSTED UP ALL THE PROOF REGARDING WHAT I SAID IN THIS VIDEO! GO TO MY NEW WEBSITE (WHICH THEY ALSO TRIED TO TAKE DOWN BUT I PUT IT BACK) HERE IT IS:http://misstilaomg.com/ -THis is only the beginning. Please, please, please if you want to find out more truths I am about to unleash, then please subscribe to my mailing list at:http://blog.tilashotspot.com/

this way you can keep in touch with me and also know when my official Truth Blog at http://www.anonymoustruthblog.com/ will be launching as well as subscribe to my youtube channel. These are dire times that causes for extreme measures!

All of the proof I have posted on my website so go there now to see for yourself! Also please dont’ forget to continue reposting everything everywhere as much as you can!!!!

Miss Tila

Gepubliceerd op 30 aug. 2013

Music industry insider Tila Tequila was exposing the dark secrets of Illuminati mind control and manipulation of the public to her fans in various messages and tweets.Pause this video if you have to and read the statements that she made about the Illuminati.Many of us are aware that the Illuminati control the music industry but it’s very eye opening to hear what someone working deep within the industry has to say. Even if you don’t buy into the idea that her brain aneurysm was directly caused by the Illuminati the information she provides is still invaluable.

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