Creating a New (Ancient) Narrative of Peace: From Inner Peace to International Peacebuilding

by apollosolaris

Sanskrit has 108 words for Love.
Islam has 99 names for God.
Japanese has 14 words for Beauty.
We’ve got one word for Peace.
We don’t have enough words to accurately
describe all the different types of peace.
I think it was Socrates who once said,

“If you don’t have a word to describe something,
then how can you think about it?”

– Steve Killelea (Co-Founder of the Global Peace Index)

Your Higher Self chose to participate in the creation and development of the Worlds. You are actually following the Creator’s recommendation because He said:

“Go, create, and spread your seed in the galaxies and beyond!”

You are never forced to do anything, because there is nothing and no one above you who can demand it. You are part of the whole and therefore sovereign. You have chosen to experience life in a third dimensional world environment where consciousness is so limited that it no longer knows who it is.

Sometimes you incarnate into one state, sometimes into another.

You are brave! Did you know that Terran School is one of the hardest in the universe. But you also knew that you would never lack for support, even if you forgot who you really were. You were never alone! Ⓡ💫