All of Lisa’s work is Light Encoded to assist in going straight to the core of your cellular memories and programs

by apollosolaris



Awakening To Remembering YOU and All!

Whether you are just coming into awakening through “new” awareness of your own Light/Energy/Soul/Consciousness or have been intentionally involved in your own personal Ascension Journey for many years, we have something for every phase to assist you with expediting your expansion and Multi-Dimensional Mastery and Soul Embodiment processes now. From free content to in-depth writings, in-depth courses to one-on-one catalyzing work, you get to choose! For how you experience your journey is totally up to you! We are here to guide, teach (re-educate) and assist for those who are ready! So jump in, explore and utilize every navigational tool that we share. We make all available and provide you with huge Quantum opportunities to JUMP a little bit or huge. We speak directly to your own soul and multi-dimensional aspects. You will be drawn/feel it when it’s your time to incorporate these simple Navigation and Mastery tools into your flow too! 

Lisa’s website is years of Light Encoded Teachings, shared on a Quantum/Multi-Dimensional Level, for all of hUmaNITY and you! An infinite Living Library, with additional opportunities to accelerate each’s individual evolutionary journey are continually made available, as all are truly ready to further activate and anchor more of their own New Earth REALities here. 

Thank YOU for your presence, your dedication, for your investing in YOU and for embracing you and your very important purposes and special gifts to share with others and make a different too! INJOY! ♥ Aloha from Kauai ♥

A Small Portion of What this Site Provides:

  • NOW: Accelerating Planetary/Global and Individual Ascension and Old Earth Consciousness to Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth Consciousness Transition Processes
  • Light BEing/LightBody Quantum DNA Evolution
  • Multi-Dimensional Consciousness
  • Unified Heart Grid Coherence and Unified Field Cohesion/Synthesis
  • Highest/Original/Source/Avatar/OverSoul Embodiment
  • WayShowers, Gatekeepers, Gridkeeper, Guardian Roles
  • Inspiration, Up-Liftment, Energetic Guidance and Various Levels of Support
  • Accessing, Developing & Enhancing Your Own Divine Intelligence and Deep Sacred Connection from Deep Within
  • Activating, Anchoring, Integrating and Incorporating NEW Earth Codes within Your Physical Form
  • Understanding the Correlation between Energetic and Physical Form and “HOW” ALL Works (Materialization)
  • Portals, Vortexes, Star Gates, Gateways & Passageways (Teleportation)
  • Quantum Geometrics, Equations, Algorithms, Logistics, Schematics, Blueprints/Maps, Templates
  • Expansive Timeless Living Libraries on all things Multi-Dimensional, Quantum LightBody’s & the What’s, When’s & How’s of all