“Hang “out with Terra Tonz. Spirituality through music. The rise of a Starseed.

by apollosolaris

A few year back I had the privilege of meeting an amazing individual with a vision . I would like to introduce our network to this person , but first a little info to understand  the vib .

42 years here on Earth I have been ,32 years a musician. As many of you can relate to this, to us it  is considers a blessed curse. The blessing comes in the form of being emotionally , and spiritually connected to sound , and some sounds have the ability to either propel and individual towards the vibrations of love , and happiness , and or bring up memories , and emotions of a failed relationships in a song . Many times I myself have been brought to tears  simply by hearing a song that was playing at the right time.  My path has taken me  many places in the music , and for most of my life I pounded the streets with my emotions connected to a guitar strap in hopes of touching just one persons  life the way music has mine. I cant even explain the difficulty of getting the arpeggios right, or choosing the right scales, notes , timing , chords and all the very technical aspects of putting your emotions into song worthy of projecting the emotions to another individual. Everybody is gifted with the ability to feel music , but very few are able to take their own emotions , and put them into song to share with another .

Not only did I find this very limiting to the novice who wishes to express themselves in this way, I know by experience the technical side can diminish the emotions wile in the process of creation of the piece . Basically the feeling can often get lost in the construction  causing many wonderful expressions to be lost in the wind , and in the band situation were you have several other individuals , or minds collaborating the projection of the intended emotions can be even more challenging. So I set out to find a medium more suited for personal, and  spontaneous  expression , and what I found was the most amazing thing.

This thing not only opens up the world in personal emotional expression for the seasoned musician , but allows the novice to experience these beautiful feelings first hand. A handful of people  literally , in this entire world have mad successful attempts in creating this instrument of angelic proportions myself  included as I have been semi successful at making one of my own  . The majority  that I have noticed fail to take  into account the significance of this instrument, and seek only to profit extremely well  because the tremendous demand for the instrument .

There are some that seek to spread the joys , and have the correct mentality to attempt to provide this instrument to individuals who desire , and like stated above I wish to introduce them now 🙂  And to no surprise A star seed company . No doubt in the near future if not now this concept will be a vehicle for many things. My purpose in the introductions is to encourage the support of  the little guys who care more about life , love , and the spiritual progression through this medium as the majority seek only to capitalize.  So I give you Terra Tonz 🙂 and the following is info from their site .   Terra Tonz

About Us ( Terra Tonz )

Our Philosophy

TerraTonz (pronounced “Terra Tones”) takes inspiration from the word “Terra,” which is Latin for “Earth.” The idea is that our musical instruments generate Earth tones, or sounds which resonate with natural cycles and bring about a sense of balance and peace. We want creating music to feel like a natural process for anyone, and we hope the instruments we offer will awaken musicians and listeners to be more natural with others and themselves. The musical note which sometimes appears alongside our TerraPlayer logo is a B Natural in honor of this philosophy.

”   We believe in music’s power to nurture, educate and transform. It is a natural creative force given voice through singing and playing instruments, as well as through the subtle movements of daily life. As artists, we honor music through the creation of TerraPans and StarSeed steel tongue drums. Our goal is to give everyone a unique vehicle for expressing themselves with increasing depth, precision and beauty. ” Terra Tonz welcome page 

” In 2011 TerraTonz’s founder CR PanMan left a career in scenery and contracting to pursue the creation of TerraPans, unique steel percussive instruments, which have transformed his personal life as well as his work. The instruments, inspired by Felix Roehner’s Hang, produce sound frequencies which stimulate a meditative state. They are used frequently as complements to holistic wellness and spiritual development practices. Many Hang and Pan enthusiasts claim the music found them and helped them navigate personal crossroads with unprecedented strength and grace” Terra Tonz , and Pan Man.

The vehicle of emotions 🙂

Some of Terra Tonz amazing work , but you can see more at their site here. LINK

Among these and many , many beautiful works of art are available through these guys , and they will work with you personally 🙂 to obtain what it is that sparks the soul.

CR Pan Man , or Son of Pan as I like to call him , in my opinion is reaching new heights , and is actively making an impact not only in the world of music , but in the minds , and hearts of souls who have long had a desire to express themselves in this fashion . The Terra Tonz team has been active in the community touching many lives through the loving , and universal language of personal expression through music  , and I bow to them for following their hearts. This is not an advertisement for a product  , but a sharing of a revelation not exclusive to the professional musician.  I rally for the support of these people  because we need to support more development of unity through all corporations who care about the spiritual side as opposed to targeting individuals for profit.  I can honestly say through my interactions with Son of Pan  his heart is in the right place.  ISN SHOW SOME LOVE

Terra Tonz in on the rise , and I back them 100% . I ask you to give them your ear , and open your hearts .  Pan man  🙂 I love you brother , and you have my heart for the work you , and your team has accomplished .  Namaste FOREVER

Love Naos

Please visit them HERE   listen , and share your thoughts in the comment section.