The Devil himself trains you, as he is you, the Beast.

by apollosolaris

Goddess Kali drunkenly holds this adept’s head, as i spill all into the holy Graal/Kapala

(!Kali Kaula!)

The CATs call on EVERYONE — all those who work for the Light, whether they like the CATs, or not — to UNIFY and meditate as much as possible and add their support to Sol and Gaia. Gaia and Sol have helped us for a long time, so the least we can do is give them 31+ days of gritty, unyielding support, right through Halloween (which team dark will try to seriously maximize this time).

Even then, we’ll have to keep doing it into early November, so there’s no let up. (Please don’t fall for the “we’ve won” messages that seem to keep popping up. Keep up the pressure till you ‘see and feel’ an obvious sign that we’ve won. It will be undeniable.)
Note that we’re not asking you to storm any walls: We’re asking you to shine your LIGHT in a specific way.

What to Do. This time, after you G+P+C (Ground, Protect, Connect), try imagining yourselves getting REALLY BIG, cupping the earth and sun in your hands, and breathe SOURCE into them. You might feel yourself rotate/spin when you do this, since the sun and earth are in constant motion. Just go with it… but don’t ‘go with the flow.’ Instead, BE THE FLOW. And don’t get dizzy.