An Educated Empath Is A Narcissist & Sociopath’s Worst Nightmare

by apollosolaris

“Technically, every person knows what he or she has to do to get ahead in life. The problem is that most people lack the motivation, willpower and self-discipline to do just that. Money, knowledge or luck are not the bottleneck to success, self-discipline is. With strong self-discipline we can achieve anything, without strong self-discipline we have no chance, even if we otherwise have the best prerequisites.

Self-Discipline 2.0 is the ultimate solution to escape the hamster wheel of mediocrity. Not only will you learn how to build extremely strong self-discipline, you’ll also learn how to do it in a very enjoyable way. With Self-Discipline 2.0, you’ll start doing important tasks HAPPILY. While ordinary self-discipline is about building strong willpower, Self-Discipline 2.0 is about directing and increasing your motivation. Once you master this incredibly important skill, your life will become easy because strong motivation will be your constant companion. Whatever you want to have (or get rid of), Self-Discipline 2.0 is the best way to get there.

Even if they don’t call it that, extremely successful people already possess Self-Discipline 2.0. Strong emotions drive them to accomplish much more than others. For less successful people, it’s the other way around: strong emotions manipulate them into giving in to temptations and thus wasting their potential. But is that really their fault? No, because simply no one has taught them how to direct and increase their motivation. In Self-Discipline 2.0 you’ll learn just that. You’ll learn how to constantly get your brain on your side. You’ll learn how to make strong emotions drive you to create the life you want.”