by apollosolaris

When the individual begins to develop an awareness of the interconnectedness of all that there is, and aligning themselves to be of Service to Others, a stronger sense of Purpose will then arise. As Human beings our lives are not meaningless, as we may be lead to believe in the artificial matrix that pushes us to focus on the more trivial aspects of this reality such as work, money, sex without conscience, debauchery and even a more and more suppressed and distorted idea of family; without ever encouraging us to ask the big questions: why are we here? what is life’s purpose? what are the reasons behind our incarnation? Of course many philosophers and other thinkers have asked these questions throughout history, but in modern society, these are not at the forefront of our education and society and are more akin to some distant intellectual reflections by a small class of beings just for the sake of working the brain and not actually to be used to truly transform the being and society for the greater good.

While there is a plethora of personal ancestral, genetic and karmic reasons for one’s incarnation, there is also a collective sense of Purpose for the entirety of the Human race, and probably one for the existence of Creation (Universe/Multiverse) as a whole.

From a universal and multidimensional perspective, the core purpose for creation and for the Universe to individualise in various forms, planes and frequency bands is to learn about itself from these various experiences. Growth is at the core of the existence, and everything that exists organically has the potential for more growth, for expansion and for learning. Do you remember being taught as a child that the Universe is not only infinite, but also in constant expansion? Meaning it is constantly growing, for every single experience that is made more is added to the universal library and landscape.

We are no exception to that reality. The core of our existence and the reason we were seeded as species and given Free Will – which is our ability to choose what we wish to experience at any given time – is so that we may draw the lessons from these experiences, expand our consciousness (expand our awareness and understanding of reality), and grow as a result of it.

The Universe being infinite there will always be more for us to learn, but likewise, as more experiences take place and more scenarios or timelines are created, it gives even more opportunities for others to choose from, in an Eternal Organic Cycle of Creation.

  • Excerpt from Sovereign • Planet October 2021 article Angelic Human and the Law of One (available in audio format). https://t.me/sovereignplanet