Age of Aquarius

by apollosolaris

A lot of video’s that discus the great awakening, spiritual warfare and keeping balanced you can find on the next homepage.

So much of the old energetic infrastructure that upheld the dimensional layers of our holographic reality experience is no longer operatational as the continued pulse waves of frequencies from the central sun/solar temple of light are blasting through the old timelines and grid formation.

We are being shifted and uplifted into deeper states of awareness and consciousness as the veils of the slower dimensional holographic layers are dissolving. We are the energetic co creators in unison with Gaia who are birthing the new vibrational landscapes and templates that become the grids and foundations of a new holographic reality experience.

You are the dream weavers energetically holding space for the old paradigms to dissolve by clearing the imprints of lack, fear, separation and duality from the collective heart field as you clear the survival drivers and 3d programmes from within releasing the echoes and shadows which were plugged into the old matrices and slower dimensional mainframes.

The lower chakras are purging and releasing the codes and survival drivers which supported our experience in old slower dimensional timeline.

These drivers have also been encoded with information from our ancestral lineages around switching off our super powers in order to remain safe and hidden in the old matrices.

As we shift from Carbon based energy templates to Crystalline cosmic templates a huge realignment process is occuring as the old templates held by 3D versions of ourselves are deactivating and we are unplugging via the the lower chakras from the old narratives and energy patterns
that formed our perceptions and perspectives within the old matrices.

Key observations

Solar plexus and sacral clearing, anxiousness and old patterns around self worth and self love surfacing.

Reality feels as though it’s built upon shifting sands as we move between the different octaves of dimensional realities that are anchoring and dissolving which is bringing up old survival drivers to release so that we can reframe our perspective and reaffirm our sovereignty which leads us back to centre through the heart temple.

Sacral and solar plexus feel tight and smaller as we unplug from the old and trust in out ability to navigate, expand into and co create the new. Inner child nurturing and loving is helpful at this time to support the transition from operating from survival imprints to anchoring into trust and activating sovereignty codes.

Grounding, salt baths, visualising golden light moving through the chakras thank heal and support this transition and honouring the need to rest as we recallibrate into the crystalline wavelengths being recallibrated through our vessels.

You are expanding Into faster dimensional templates and shedding old layers.

You are loved
You are held

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