Cosmic Doorways

by apollosolaris


Talk About Silence (Speaking of Obstacles)

What words will voice humility
when silence is the only tongue
that captures apt ability
to scale truth’s ladder rung by rung?

To weave verbs with agility
will automatically attest
an arrogant fertility
to gather thoughts — though they be blessed,

they cannot pass the humble-test
unless the speaker’s mind is sure
it’s not the doer — truth will nest
inside the heart of one who’s pure.

But in this age of selfishness
the atmosphere has tainted black
mind’s consciousness — it’s quite a mess:
unplumbed tranquility we lack!

I scribble thoughts, ironically,
that counteract themselves by specks
of wit that histrionically
will forfeit simple subtle treks

through soundless wisdom’s amber hall
aglow with luminosity-
a radiance enthralling all
that quenches curiosity

and leads to stillness deep within,
and hushes any need to speak.
Now all I write exhibits sin!
The peak of peace is what I seek…

yet here, I scratch ink-words on white,
disturbing serene citadel
by carving concepts with this write-
each word, sword of an infidel.