Love is the ultimate consciousness raiser | Love returns life to the joyous dance it was always meant to be

by apollosolaris, © Aine Belton – All Rights Reserved


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Love is a magical magnet that attracts the best of everything. When you access and develop this love within, life become’s brighter and more abundant in all ways.

Loving yourself is easy when you own your inherent innocence and worth and acknowledge the soul and spirit that you are.

Your essential self – the you beyond your personality, identity and self-concepts – is ineffably beautiful, loving and magnificent.

In the light of self-love you come to realize that you are not your darkness, failings or mistakes, and that your negative self-beliefs are sourced in misunderstandings about yourself and life; faulty beliefs that you can change.

To not love yourself is to be blind to your true nature and the loving nature of the universe, caught in the lies of ego and self-defeating traps such as guilt, shame, judgment, undeserving and insignificance.

“There is nothing but love, and all else is illusion.” – Dr. John Demartini