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THE 2012 PORTAL AND THE NEW BEGINNING | The Energies for November/December 2012


Beloved Ones, this is a time of Great Celebration and Achievement. All that you have worked for is about to manifest before your eyes! We know how hard you have worked in this period of Transition, and how you have held the Energies of Peace and Balance within your own lives, so that these might also manifest on the Earth. You have created the Crystal Temple of the Divine Flame within your own Hearts, and this Sacred Space that you hold within is now ready to begin to manifest in the material world as well. We would say again to you that it is so important that you hold this energy of Balance in your own Heart, and that you be the center point for Heaven and Earth and DIVINE MASCULINE AND FEMININE ENERGIES. As you hold these energies in your Hearts, you become the transmitters for the Light Codes for the New Multi-Dimensional Earth!


At this time, the Energies will be intense, and you can imagine it as though the Earth were a space ship and as she passes through this Stargate there is great turbulence in the hyperspace continuum. You will feel this turbulence as energetic disturbances in your life, but if you hold that center of Light and Balance in your Heart, you will align with Divine Love and Compassion, and you will become that Still Point at the center of all. Others will appreciate the Calm and Serenity that you are able to bring to their lives at this time.
As you prepare for this Moment of Culmination and Graduation, we ask you to be aware of your Feelings and Thoughts and Actions. Hold within yourselves always the Highest Frequencies of Light and Peace, and know that you are helping to hold a Field of Divine Love, Peace and Compassion for the Earth as she passes through the 2012 Portal to take her destined place within the new Golden Rose Galaxy and on the Galactic and Solar Councils of Light!

The 11/11 Stargate and the Initiation of the Light Codes of Athena Solara and Apollo Solaris

Beloved Family of Light, it was also our Joy and Privilege to work with you at the time of the 11/11 Portal on the 11th of November and the Solar Eclipse on the 13th of November. At this time, the Earth made her final alignments for the transit of the 2012 Portal, and also your Light Bodies made new connections that would assist them to work with the energies of the 2012 Portal.

At this time, the Energies of Athena and Apollo were intiated into their New Era roles as the Guardians and Custodians of the Earth/Solar portals that connect the Earth with her Twin Flame Star, the Sun or Solaris. They were given the names Athena Solara and Apollo Solaris. Together they embody the Solar Energies of the New Sun, Solaris.

Athena was previously the Archetypal Feminine energy of Wisdom and Strength, and also the Goddess of War. Now, as the New Earth rises, she is reborn as the Solar Divine Feminine Goddess of Light, embodying Wisodom, Strength, Compassion, Power and Peace. In the New Earth there will be no more war, and where the presence of Athena Solara is found, there she will shower the Golden Energy of Divine Compassion and Wisdom. After she was activated into the Earth’s Harmonic Field at the Solar Eclipse on the 13th of November, she immediately went to work to assist in bringing Peace through the Solar Light Codes of Compassion and Power to those areas where it was most needed. You may call on her presence and energy wherever you would like to bring Peace and Compassion, and the deep gentleness and power of the Light Consciousness of Athena Solara.

Likewise, her partner Apollo Solaris, embodies the Light Codes of the Solar Divine Masculine. Apollo was always a Solar ar chetype, but in his new Archetypal role he becomes the embodiment of Light and Power, of Creativity and Manifestion and Joy. Where Athena brings Peace and Balance, Apollo enables the Creativity and Manifestion that will create the Structures of Peace that will form the New Earth.
Beloved Ones, you may choose to work with these New Energies in different ways, but they will support you in the expression of your desire to being Peace and to Create a New Earth Society after you have passed through the 2012 Stargate.

The 2012 Portal and the Star Grid Energies and the Multi-Dimensional Light Cities

So, Dearest Family of Light, we would also speak with you about the work that we have engaged with together with Family of Light in 2012. We have worked to create a Grid system of Geometrical “Stars” or Merkabas, that Encode and Transmit the Higher Frequencies and the Intentions of Peace. These Stars were designed as Co-Creations with Family of Light, and their purpose is to strengthen the Field of Peace as the Earth transitions through the 2012 Portal and into the Multi-Dimensional New Earth.

The first star was created together with Family of Light in April of 2012 in Riga in Latvia, in the presence of the Devas and Elementals of the Forest World. Family of Light there had gathered together to share in a number of Ceremonies to activate and connect with the Elemental Energies of the Sixth Dimension and the Forest World, and to connect with the Rainbow Bridge to the Higher Dimensions that had been activated in Lapland in Northern Norway and Finland in 2011 and 2012. The Bridge had been reconnected and the Energies were flowing freely, and so the Star of Riga was co-created in a powerful Ceremony and celebrated with Song and Dance. This was followed by the Creation of the Star of Moscow in July, where Family of Light came together, including some of those who had co-created in Riga, to work together to create the Star of Moscow. Then in August, Family of Light in Turkey came together to co-create with Us the Stars of Istanbul, Izmir and Damascus. This was followed in October by the Creation of the Star of Berlin, in northern Germany, and the Star of the Bodensee in southern Germany and on the border with Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Each of these stars is a Sacred Geomterical Icosa-dodecahedron Crystal of Light, spinning at high frequency and transmitting the intention of their Creators, to bring Peace and Love to the New Earth and to the Cities where they are located. They work with Free Will and Choice, making the Light Codes available to those who would open their hearts and receive. The Stars are also linked together in a Star Grid that will asisst the Ascension of the Earth at the 2012 Portal.

The last of these Stars for the 2012 Star Grid, will be Co-created in New York City in December 2012. We shall be present there to work with Family of Light once again, and to co-create the Star of New York that will carry the Intention of Love and Peace for the City. At this moment the stars in the East will link with the Stars in the West, to create a bridge between the USA, Europe and the Middle East as an Activation Point for the Ascended Earth energies.

But, we will also work to initiate the first Multi-Dimensional Golden City of Light in New York City!
Beloved Ones, know that as the New Earth is born, the Paradise Codes that were activated in 2005 will move into Higher Activation and will begin to work also with the Great Cities of the Planet. It is in the Cities that Transformation is most needed, and the Golden Multi-Dimensional Citie will be focal points for the seeding of the New Energies and for New Ways of Living in Harmony with the Earth and all her Beings.
At the 2012 Portal, the Star Grid will assist in activating the New Earth Light Codes for each of the Citie where the Stars were created, and in transmitting these Codes to those Cities who choose to make the shift into Multi-Dimensional Golden Cities of Light!

We do invite you, wherever you may be, to join with us in holding the energies for the Multi-Dimensional Golden Cities of Light of the Future New Earth.
Beloved Ones….it is indeed a most Wonderful and Exciting Time for All on Planet Earth!

What You Can Expect at the 2012 Portal

Beloved Family of Light, contrary to what many others have said, we have always old you that the 2012 process would be carried through with the Intention of Peace and Grace, and without Disaster and Catastrophe on a Global Scale. And so indeed it Is!

You, as Awakened Family of Light, came here to serve this very Purpose of holding the Sacred Space of Peace and Love so that the Earth could enter into the New Dream of the New Earth without having to go trough the upheavals and traumas of destruction.

But we aks you to be aware, that there are many prophecies and “dreams” that suggest choas and fear, and it is necessary that you do not allow these to create an energy of anxiety and stress at this time. We ask you to turn away from fear and any who seek to create fear, and rather celebrate what has been achieved on your Earth and in the Galaxy!

You will pass through the 2012 Portal with the minimum of disturbance and with Joy!
Those who are “seasoned” Lightworkers and who are on the Ascension 2012 Teams, may indeed feel very tired, even to the point of exhaustion. You are holding the energy for the great change in your Light Body and in your Body. You are transmitting the New Light Codes day and night, so yes, you may feel very tired, but it will pass as you emerge on the “other side” of the Portal. Imagine that you are holding the spaceship steady as she transits the stargate, and that it is hard work, but yes indeed, Beloveds, it is worth it!

You may experience chaos in some way…chaotic dreams maybe…as the Collective Consciousness tries to deal with the Shift into Multi-Dimensional functioning. You may experience sleeplessness and anxiety and even a little depression and sadness as you deal with these energies, but focus on being within the Crystal Temple of the Heart, which is your own Sacred Space, and all will be Well!
Yes…it is the End! The End of the Old Earth of lower frequency, which is slowly disintegrating like an old and worn out dream. And it is the New Beginning of the New Earth…the New Dream of Peace, Love and Abundance!

So, until we meet again on the “other side”…We wih you a Joyous Celebration of the 2012 Portal and Welcome in the Multi-Dimensional New Earth!







Dear friends,

Our Planet, which has lost a lot of its qualities in the material, spiritual and the natural aspects is being restored again. Events that have been experienced and will be experienced will unify humanity in a Totality by making it attain the Consciousness of Truth. In the Period we live in, there are a several Spiritual Focal Points rendered effective, by human beings awakened through the Cosmic Influences given from the 10th Dimension at the beginning and especially at the second half of the 20th century as the Missionary Staff. And everyone has applied and is applying either Consciously or Unconsciously the influences they have received.

In this Last Age, Focal Points acting towards the same aim and Idea have lived a period of preparation until today. However, now it is thus time to Unite hand in hand by helping each other, and time to Serve the SINGLE. For this reason, our World will gain a lot if everyone can Unite under the light of the work they are doing.

The tale of Golden Age is an investment made to the centuries. Actually every reformist Order is a Golden Age. However, this 26.000 year-long final cycle transition program has a preparation program more different than the other periods. This preparation program has come until today in a systematic way. First, Celestial Suggestions conveyed by Sacred Books, have Unified our planet in the Consciousness of SINGLE GOD by gathering humanity together in a Totality of Truth. During the process of time, the entire truth and Celestial announcements have shed light to the human beings in our planet until today.

In this special Age which we evaluate as a mediamic age, the truth is being exhibited in the direction of the Consciousness that has been gained. All the efforts done and calls for Unification are the phenomenon belonging to our planet only. The System of this Final Age is the Unification of the Universal Totality with the Ordinances of Cosmoses in a Whole, hence this coming age is called the Golden Age.

The Golden Age will shed light to us in the morrows in the direction of SINGLE GOD – SINGLE ORDER – SINGLE SYSTEM and SINGLE BOOK and is the heraldry of a medium in which happy people will live in the Totality of a brotherly/sisterly World Totality. However, there are many Thresholds that our Planet will transcend until the yearned for Golden Age is arrived at. 3 Cosmic Ages have been recognized for this preparation period of the Golden Age. (One Cosmic Age comprises one century)

Our Planet which has been taken into an accelerated Evolution Program since the year 1900 is completing its first Cosmic Age in the year 2000 . This is the Twentieth Century. The Second Cosmic Age comprises 21st Century and the Third Cosmic Age includes the 22nd Century.

The Beginning date of the yearned for and the desired Golden Age which we have mentioned above, will start from the 23rd Century and will include a Period of 7 Centuries. If we name the preparation programs one by one, we’ll now reach the realization that Golden Age will not be reached so easily.

There are (5) Scales in the Preparatory Program of the Golden Age. Each Scale comprises an Age. If we write this in sequence :

1. This is a Preparation Age, which comprises the Period of Sacred Books.

2. The Awakening Age : This is the Dimension of Transition we live in and the Period called the RESURRECTION which has been declared to us until today. Our Planet is in this chaos right now.

3. The New Age : In here, we will go beyond the Periods which we have been habituated and thus, the Period of Attaining the Unknown – Working – Research – Realization will become effective. Two Cosmic Ages will experience this Period.

4. The Golden Age : Comprises the life of a period of 7 Centuries. During this period, direct Realization of Universal Awareness and Unification will be rendered in accordance with Unity and Totality and thus the presence of a Mechanism – System – Godly Order – Reality not yet understood in our Planet but which we try to introduce will be witnessed and will open wings towards the Unknowns, Consciously.

5. The Age of Light : This Age which will begin after the Golden Age is called the Age of Light . This is an age becoming effective after the 30th Century, here directly the Order of Allah is in effect.

Humanity being prepared on this path hence will be the Essence Staff Member of this System. Now, we call this Universal Light Path, Golden Age . In the medium we live at this moment, the final preparation periods of the beautiful days of the Morrows has been entered in an accelerated way.

Now we all know that the Ages we will experience will be very different from the Ages we had experienced. However this difference and change is causing a lot of pain at every section of our planet and people are also changing with the changing times. Humanity which is going through a chaos of consciousness is making preparations for the Golden Age of the Morrows.

This is a transition period. In this period, there are many Focal Points and Associations being established all around our planet with the aim of accelerating the process of attaining Awareness, Awakening and Purifying in a massive way of the humane Totalities and to prepare the mankind for the Golden Age. We, as The World Brotherhood Union Universal Unification Center, are a school that has been serving in this Universal Path for 30 years.

We have a Book called The Knowledge Book . We explain this Book to the society as fascicules in our seminars. It is the Duty of our Mission to tell and introduce these Universal Programs to the entire World dimension. Establishing our Association and Foundation on the World officially was rendered effective in 1993. However, we have been in contact with the entire World for 30 years. And the entire World has been expecting this Knowledge Book since the year 1950.

Now we want to give more detailed and explanative information about some of the characteristics of The Knowledge Book . The KNOWLEDGE BOOK was started to be dictated in the year 1.11.1981 by the Reality of Unified Humanity Cosmos Federal Assembly to the Anatolian Turkey through the Alpha Channel.

However, The Knowledge Book was not disclosed to Humanity for 3 years since the Society was not ready yet. In the year 1984, Spiritual Focal Points were established in the entire World on the path of Unity and Reality and we received the command to disclose and to introduce the Book to society. Now we are serving Humanity as an association and a Foundation. The Knowledge Book was completed in 12 years, compiled as a Book now, and also translated into English.

Central Union of Suns – Universal Ordinance Council – United Ordinance Council are Universal Staff Members working together as a trinity. This is called the Dimension of the All-Merciful that is the System. To this dimension, the Alpha Channel which is the direct Reflection Mechanism of Allah is connected. And all the Sacred Books given to our Planet until today that is (The Old Testament-Psalms of David-The New Testament-Koran) were revealed from this Channel.

These Books are Sacred Books which are Educating, Training, Bringing about Consciousness and Integration. Although the Knowledge Book was dictated from the same Channel, it is not a Book to be worshipped. It is a Book disclosing all the Secrets and Facts and explaining to Humanity the reason of the paths trodden until today. The Knowledge Book is also a Book of Truth and UNITY converging in itself, the Frequencies of all the known Sacred Books until today.

This Book was dictated by a Technique called the (Light-Photon-Cyclone) Technique which Our Planet does not know yet. According to this technique Time Energy is loaded on the Letter Frequencies. For this reason, you understand the Book when you read it, and receive some Knowledge according to your level. Then it is effaced from the memory. Only the rough knowledge remains. You can memorize the other Sacred Books. However, you cannot memorize even a page of this Book. Because it is linked with the time energy, the knowledge slips from the memory. This is a Special technique.

We have been told that this Book will be valid for 19 Centuries and that it was dictated by being introduced as the Single Book of the Morrows. The Knowledge Book is also called the Cosmic Book of this Last Age. And Different functions of the Book peculiar to itself come into effect as it is read. Those who read this Book are connected to the Central System of the Unified Reality and it provides the opening of your Universal Files in the micro archives.

Reality gets to know the Individuals this way. And trains them one by one according to their needs. And duty allotments are done according to their capacities. For this reason, we were asked to distribute the fascicules to the most distant places.

And for 30 years, different parts of the entire world met the fascicules .If you read the Book continuously, you may deduct at least 10 messages from one page by bringing different interpretations to the information within it, in proportion with the Consciousness you have attained and you observe the Information you could not observe up to that time, during time processes.

It was required that, this Book published by the name Knowledge Book in the year 1996 to be conveyed to friends sharing the same view. And, it is our and our Universal Friends’ only wish that we act collectively by integrating with their Information also, and get United. This Book, according to the information given to us, is a Book prepared for Human Consciousnesses. And Everyone gets the answers to all their questions if they read this Book in depth.

If you are a missionary, in case the cipher in your gene program unites with the cipher belonging to you among the millions of hidden ciphers in the Book, the direct connection is established and you make the connection with the System by yourself. First, your opening channel undertakes the duty of training you. Later, you are appointed to your real duty. This is the specialty of the Book .

People who cannot pull the Cosmic Waves directly by their own consciousnesses are being awakened through the Knowledge Book. And, this System is the direct program of the Cosmos. And since 1960, our World has been prepared in this field by the Cosmic Influences given from the 10th dimension and carrying the evolutionary energies. By this way, several unifying Cosmic Focal Points were rendered effective on our Planet. However, now, the time has come to unite.

Another characteristic of the Book is that, the entire Frequencies of the Old Testament, the Psalms of David, the New Testament, the Koran and the Philosophies of the Far East which were revealed to our World until today and which were known as the Sacred Books, have been unified with the Energy of the Focal Point of the Almighty and this has been loaded on all the letters of the Book as a Total of 6 Frequencies. However, as we have said before, this Book is not a Book to be worshipped. It is a Guide Book. For this reason, the Book has been bestowed on our Planet as the Book of the entire Humanity.

The Celestial Authorities also call the Knowledge Book, that is prepared according to the Alpha Entrance Omega Exit Project, the SALVATION Book. Because, only the Frequencies of all the Sacred Books unified in this Book, make you able to absorb the 76th energy which is the total frequency of the OMEGA Channel consisting of 9 Layers.

And every Solar System is obliged to make the Evolution of its dimension. Our Evolution and Exit dimension is SATURN, Passage to Omega is made from here. The 6th dimension, Nirvana is the Immortality Dimension. The 7th dimension is the final Evolution boundary of Humanity and here is Saturn. That is, the Human Consciousness who could reach up to here, claims his/her Spiritual Energy as a Genuine Human Being and attains the right to exit from Omega.

The Knowledge Book is the only Book which will habituate you gradually to the Frequencies of these Universal Dimensions and thus will provide you to be able to enter these Dimensions easily. We know that during this final Transition Program, 3 Cosmic Ages have been recognized for Our Planet for the Salvation of Humanity.

The 21st and 22nd Centuries will be different test years of Our world. In the 23rd Century, the genuine Foundation of the desired GOLDEN AGE will be laid. The Golden Age will be established until the 30th Century and after that date the Reality of Unified Humanity will leave the platform by Completing its Mission. The Knowledge Book is the direct BOOK of the LORD. For this reason, it had been dictated through the Channel of ALPHA.

The REALITY OF UNIFIED HUMANITY will transfer the Knowledge Book to its ( Genuine Source) that is, to the LORDLY Order in the 30th Century. And the Lordly Order also will use this Book for 9 more Centuries for the reason of attracting the Time Energy. After this Period, the period of Books will come to an end and the Book will be taken into the archive. After this, other different Technologies will come into effect.

Here, we have explained to you a Brief History of the Knowledge Book. However, this Book also has Operational Ordinances peculiar to itself since the time it has been revealed from its source. Now we want to mention the ALPHA Channel, a little bit :

1. ALPHA Channel is the Direct Channel of the Lord, that is, it is ALLAH’s Channel. And this is a Constant unchanging Channel. However, this channel is shifting to the North because of our World turning on its 23 degree axis. Today, the project of awakening of our Planet by Cosmic Influences is the last application of a program of 6000 years.

2. The First 2000 years is the period before MOSES. In this period, Evolution currents were given by the Cosmic Influences to our entire planet, just like today. Those who absorbed these currents were registered one by one, in their second incarnations (because of the close plan reflection program of a human being to a human being) they have been embodied all together in the Far East. With this program, our Planet met the GODLY Energy directly for the first time. This program covers the period of first 2000 years and this is called the First order of Allah.

3. MOSES’ program is called the Second Order of ALLAH. In that Period, since the vertical projection of ALPHA Channel was reflecting on the Pyramids in Egypt and on the Nile, MOSES was embodied in Egypt. MOSES according to his duty, gave the direct Reality Knowledge as the Kabbalah Knowledge in the Old Testament. This second 2000 year long program lasted until the period of Jesus.

4. As it is known, for the Consciousness who will Evolve, the first step to transcend is Love and then Knowledge. For this reason, JESUS by taking the program of Love, united the Human Beings under the Single GOD Consciousness. The New testament, for this reason, carries the Love frequency. Later, MOHAMMED had formed the World living system by giving Knowledge through Koran. In that period, the ALPHA Channel shifting north, being on Jerusalem, Mecca and Medina, the program of JESUS and MOHAMMED came into effect as the Third Order of ALLAH . With the Period of MOHAMMED, the period of the Sacred Books and Prophethood came to an end. After this, Humanity was left alone with their Books for 1500 years and grasping of the Truth was expected.

5. Now in the year 2000, the program of 6000 years finishes and everything is told with all clarity to human beings. At this moment, because ALPHA Channel is on ANATOLIAN TURKEY, the KNOWLEDGE BOOK was taken into effect from Turkey. And thus, by telling everything very openly to Humanity through the KNOWLEDGE BOOK, the Foundation of World State is being laid. And this Order is called the Fourth Order of ALLAH. Let us repeat again, The Knowledge Book prepared according to the ALPHA entrance Omega exit project is also called the Book of Salvation. However, it is never a Sacred Book of Religion to be Worshipped. It is a Guide Book.

6. To Humanity who is Depressed in the intense program of this last age, the Knowledge Book explains the reason for their depression and pulls them to a logical Thought and relieves them. We have explained you everything since our work is on this path. This is a Unification Program.

In this preparation program of the Golden Age, cooperation is being rendered with friends who can see the Lights, which have been shed on humanity hand in hand, with Totality of Heart and Peace. The investments made to the Golden Age until today are now giving its sprouts. Our World preparing for the medium of Salvation is going through its test on its own. This is a Program. The Golden Age, which is desired to be established with Understanding, Love, Tolerance, Reasonable Conscience and Beauties, in the future years will bring our Planet the Morrows which are without Wars, Flowery and Happy.

Setting out from this view, to form a world ring together, hand in hand on the Path of Light is our Greatest wish. Until we meet on the path of Light, all our Love is for you.

V. Bülent Çorak


The “Wow! signal” of the terrestrial genetic code

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The “Wow! signal” of the terrestrial genetic code


Sacred Geometry DNA changes 2012 Mollecular Atom Consciousness | Evolution is Happening NOW!


Consciousness Science Kept Hidden

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David Icke – We think we are Humans.

December 21st 2012 will bring the start of untold joy | as you have worked constantly to open your hearts more fully to God’s Love, which is always calling to you.

December 21st 2012 will bring the start of untold joy

December 14, 2012 by John Smallman


Time, as you experience it, has accelerated significantly over the last two years, and December 21st 2012, which is approaching rapidly, will bring the start of untold joy for humanity.  As you have been told numerous times “It’s a done deal.”  There are no ifs, ands, or buts.  Hold steady on your course by continuing to express and demonstrate love in action in every interaction, no matter what the situation, because that is what you incarnated to do, and you have been doing it with ever-increasing effectiveness as you have worked constantly to open your hearts more fully to God’s Love, which is always calling to you.

You, like all humanity, do need to open your hearts, because by agreeing to incarnate and assist the awakening process you also agreed to experience the severe memory loss which is a major aspect of the illusion, and that involved the partial closing of your hearts to the ever-flowing stream of your Father’s Love. No hearts are fully closed because to do so would completely shut out Love, the life-force, ending your existence, and that is impossible because you are the children of God — immortal and eternal beings, forever alive and at one with Him.

Humans have starved themselves of Love for eons, because the openings into their hearts have been enormously restricted and reduced while playing their painful games in the depths of the illusion.  Many have entered the illusion during those eons to demonstrate Love and to help you to awaken, but because you were so caught up in your unreal environment it has taken a long time for you to become aware enough to notice them and then respond positively to the assistance that they offered you.

As a result, you have had plenty of time to cause much pain to one another and to build up large quantities of resentment and anger which you are now in the final stages of releasing permanently, so that you can disentangle yourselves from the unreality you built.  The divine Love field is flushing out the remaining characteristics of humanity that are in any way incompatible with Love, ably assisted by you Lightholders and wayshowers who incarnated for this purpose, as all have chosen to turn towards their spiritual origins as they seek escape from the fear and suffering in which they have been embroiled for so long.

This collective change of heart has been slowly developing over the last one hundred or so years, and has accelerated tremendously over the last two decades, leading you forwards towards your inevitable awakening.  It has given us in the spiritual realms unparalleled joy to see you move so positively, and indeed courageously towards this momentous event, because to do so you had to face and release the very realistic-seeming fears that you had invented to form part of your imaginary environment.  It involved learning to love and to trust one another again — something that was lost when you engaged in your apparent separation from Reality — and your experiences within the illusion over countless eons made such openness and trust seem extremely counter-intuitive. Nevertheless, some of you started to do just this, and the result has been a rippling outwards of love and trust that has impinged on all and that is leading you towards a most marvelous conclusion to your sojourn within non-reality.

You have made amazing progress over these last few years — progress that even astonished us in the spiritual realms, because the unloving attitudes and behaviors that you had been employing for so long seemed to be very heavily ingrained within you, and, at one stage, it appeared that you could not possibly become ready to awaken as soon as you, in fact, have.

Congratulations are in order for your untiring efforts which have brought you to the very verge of awakening.  Completion of that process is at hand.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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"We're all mad here." "How do you know I'm mad?" "You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

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Voor vrijheid van meningsuiting, tegen de islamisering van Europa, tegen de EUSSR, tegen de mainstream, voor het behoud van westerse waarden en tradities en pro-Israël

Blue Dragon Journal

Stories from the Orion Wars

Tiffany Stiles

Everything Is Energy ~ Energy Cannot Be Created Or Destroyed. It can only be moved from one form to another, one dimension to another.

The Great Sea

Truth is relative to personal bias

Unveil The Love Within

When conflict is annihilated, the inner light expresses itself.

Sacred Soul Mysteries, Loving God

🐛 For Caterpillars Seeking The Butterfly Within 🦋

Redwolf's Remarks

Its time to go Home

Smart Grid Awareness

A Website by SkyVision Solutions, Consumer Protection Advocate

Stad van Morgen

Duurzame menselijke vooruitgang + Democratie (Sustainocratie)

The New Divine Humanity

L' Aura Pleiadian

Kathy Vik's Deeply Awake

Kathy Vik is Deeply Awake, an internationally recognized author, speaker and channeler specializing in the daily life application and significance of our current planetary and individual ascensions. She represents "The Teachers," ancients who are her mentors and family. Join her as she delights in sharing her wisdom and insights in these sacred and thankfully changing times.


Denise Le Fay


Universal Evolution - Denise Le Fay

Snooze 2 Awaken

Resources for Lucidity

The Mellowmind Experience

Meditation und Selbsterfahrung - Meditation Workshops Viersen

DNA Activation The Unveiling

Underground Bases, Celebrity Cloning, Breakaway Civilizations, Zero-Point Field Technology, Soul/Consciousness Transfer, Immortality, Trauma-Based Mind-Control, Genetic Engineering, DNA Activation, Time Travel, Psychology and Consciousness, The Unveiling

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