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The 1918 Pandemic was CAUSED by a Vaccine. Absolute Bombshell . . .

The Pandemic lies go back a long way. The “Spanish Flu” did not begin in Spain, nor was it influenza. It was a bacterial infection started by an American Army experimental vaccine.

We all know that the “Spanish Flu” started at the end of World War I in 1918. One of the things people don’t know is that censorship in the warring nations prevented it from being reported properly. In Spain, however, being neutral, there was no need for censorship. On 22 May 1918 the epidemic made the headlines there, and the Spanish King, Alfonso XIII, became ill a week later. Hence the connection to Spain, where it was known instead, with at least a little more accuracy, as the “French Flu.” (See here.)

At this time virology was not a recognised science. The first human virus to be isolated was Yellow Fever, some fourteen years later in 1932. The word “Influenza” originated from the Latin “influentia,” meaning “influence of the stars,” more than one hundred years earlier. In World War I it simply did not have the meaning we ascribe to it today. In using the term “Spanish Flu,” people were referring simply to an unspecified epidemic respiratory illness thought to have started in Spain.

On March 4, almost three months before King Alfonso became ill, the first soldier known to have “influenza” was reported at Camp Funston in the USA. “First reported”, of course, does not mean the same as the first case. It means the first that was reported. Only two weeks later, thousands of men there were sick. The name “Camp Funston” conjures up a temporary, tented military base. It was nothing of the sort. It was part of the countless acres of Fort Riley, and was itself a huge area set up to train men for the First War. It was one of sixteen such new camps, and the largest of them all. As the first clear outbreak of the “Spanish Flu” was there, Fort Riley/Camp Funston is naturally where we should look for origins of the pandemic.

A certain U. S. Army Doctor, Frederick L. Gates, working with The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, (now Rockefeller University) had tested a new vaccine on thousands of men at Fort Riley. His report can be found here on the Rockefeller University Press website, published on 1st October 1918, and also here, dated as “submitted for publication on 20th July” that year. (The date is significant.) The full report is well worth reading. Below we look only at some salient points. Three significant matters are noted first.

Significant Matters

 One of the mysteries of “Spanish Flu” was that it attacked healthy young men. Flu preferentially attacks the very young and very old. This is an extremely strong indication that the “Spanish Flu” was not flu at at all, but some other pneumonia-causing infection.

2 The research was aimed at finding a vaccine for meningitis. However, meningitis is a set of symptoms which may be caused by any one of several different infectious agents. A main cause of serious meningitis is pneumococcus bacteria, which also causes pneumonia. Today we readily distinguish pneumococcal meningitis from meningococcal meningitis. The Doctor’s report only refers to “meningococcus”, although he is well aware of different types and writes at some length about them.

3 The report is couched in very polite and positive terms. It also sounds genuinely scientific to anyone who is not thinking critically as they read it. Given that the Doctor’s practical work was complete by the end of February (see below), it is a little strange that his report was not submitted for publication until 20th July, for it is not especially long. However, if Dr F. L. Gates began writing it in March, that would have coincided precisely with the beginning of the epidemic. He must have spent a long time wondering how he could discuss the contagion while demonstrating that it was not connected to his vaccine. In the end, his report omits any mention at all of the epidemic, and he never uses the word “pneumococcus.” Either of those would have immediately suggested a connection between his February vaccinations and the catastrophic pneumonia that followed in March.

Points from the Report

1 The first paragraph tells us that there was a “preliminary series of vaccinations on a relatively small number of volunteers . . . . Following this, the vaccine was offered . . . .to all who wished to take it.” Given the military’s belief in vaccines and the stringency of military discipline, it is reasonable to assume that this actually meant everybody.

2 There was some rudimentary testing of dosages on about 300 men, leading to a decision to further test three injections at weekly intervals on nearly 5,000. Each dose was double the previous dose. Only about 4,000 of the original 5,000 received the third dose. We are not told what happened to the other thousand. In a supposedly accurate and complete scientific report this is astonishing, reprehensible, and deeply suspicious.

3 There are many reports of reactions to the vaccine on the mornings following injection. However, any reaction days, weeks or months later seem to be assumed to be irrelevant.

4 The report states that “In some regiments the vaccinations had been completed before February 5.” It is not stated how long it took to carry out all the vaccinations. Since there was a one week interval between each injection, we might reasonably assume that they were all complete by the end of February.

So we know that a truly exceptional illness, not like a flu, erupted in Fort Riley by March, following the vaccinations in the two months before. And also that from there men were shipped to France, from where the Spanish believe they received the plague later. If we look for some unusual cause in Fort Riley, it seems to be staring us in the face: the vaccine caused the Pandemic. Is there an alternative explanation for the origin?

Alternative Explanation?

There is just one. In a 2,500 word article here, J M Barry reaches the conclusion that the disease jumped from animals to men in Haskell County, about 300 miles from Fort Riley. He takes almost half of his article to review possible origins outside of the USA, and concludes, correctly, that it started in the US, and specifically in Kansas, where both Camp Funston and Haskell County are located.

We need to digress here into the Barry article and the references he gives. He quotes eight references, the first of which, perhaps unsurprisingly, is his own book, “The Great Influenza: the Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History”, published in 2004. He also makes reference in the text to Jeffery K Taubenberger’s work on proving the viral connection of “Spanish Flu”. But he only cites a personal letter, with no further details, for this obviously vital piece of research.

I searched the web, but could not find it that research. What I did find was a paper by Taubenberger and others about the 1918 Pandemic. It’s rather long, and very speculative (here.) For example, it opens by presenting six key questions regarding that pandemic. The six corresponding answers use the words “unknown . . . not documented . . . unknown . . . unknown . . . unknown . . . insufficient evidence.” I found the paper both verbose and hypothetical, but one hard fact stood out: “The major bacteria identified in the pandemic were the organisms now called Streptococcus pneumoniae.” This statement that was followed by “Accumulating evidence suggests that nearly all deaths in 1918 were associated with bacterial pneumonia.” Streptococcus pneumoniae, or pneumococcal meningitis, is, of course, what Dr F L Gates was trying to vaccinate against.

Now we can return to Barry’s key revelation, which concerns a Dr. Loring Miner. Dr Miner reported a very unusual illness in Haskell County in February, though his report only refers to deaths there on 30th March. Barry swiftly concludes that the illness jumped from animals to men in Haskell County, and was then carried to Camp Funston by recruits to the Army. Yet even he writes a paragraph about two-way traffic between Camp Funston and Haskell County that starts with “All Army personnel from the county reported to Funston for training. Friends and family visited them at Funston. Soldiers came home on leave, then returned to Funston.” It is not therefore clear which direction the infection originally travelled in. Was it Haskell to Funston? Or Funston to Haskell? The dates alone make both possibilities equally likely. How does Barry dismiss the possibility of an origin caused by the Funston vaccine? Simply, he never mentions the experimental vaccinations at all. From a man who has written a book on the 1918 Pandemic, that is a very significant omission.


Page 8“SPACESHIP EARTH”The crew are:– Plundering the ship’s supplies.


The crew are:
– Plundering the ship’s supplies.
– Tinkering with the temperature and life-support controls.
– Still looking for the instruction manual.
– Engaging in bloody skirmishes in every corner of the vessel.
– Increasing the size of the crew by 2 million PER WEEK


What does όταν (ótan) mean in Greek?

when suddenly

but when

only when

when necessary

when required

when you


NA🐍SA has let us down every step of the way, and we must sever ourselves from this antiquated organization’s view of the cosmos. The optimist can only hope it’s sheer stupidity that has caused this manipulation of science, but it seems less and less likely that this is the case.

“You cannot drive darkness out with darkness, only the light can do that.”

  〘•〙Martin Luther King


The Crazy Idea That Rich, Powerful “Elites” Would Ever Try To Reduce The World’s Population


Gonzalo Lira: More Deaths, Fewer Births

How Can A Global Conspiracy Work?

David Attenborough on the future of the planet – BBC Newsnight

Ted Turner | Charlie Rose

Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates

Stanley Johnson: Interview

Bill Gates: Does saving more lives lead to overpopulation?

I can’t fit all the sources here, but you can find them all under the videos at the links below:

You Tube




Wir haben es nicht gewußt

Implementation of the “Final Solution” 

During World War II, Nazi doctors also performed medical experiments on prisoners in some camps. Experiments to test pharmaceuticals and medical treatments, formulate rescue and survival strategies for Axis troops in the field, devise efficient and economic methods of mass sterilization, View This Term in the Glossary and underpin Nazi racial and antisemitic theories claimed the health and lives of thousands of concentration camp prisoners.


And you know what? One more thing though, I am sick and tired of being called a COV-idiot. And I’d much rather be a COV-idiot than being a GOV-idiot, because that’s what all these people that blindly trusted their governments turned out to be. And I will say it again, it was never, never, ever about public health, it was never about breaking any waves, it was always about breaking people. But, and that’s the good news, they failed. It didn’t work. And that I am very proud of, and I’m proud of the people that I am so honored to be allowed to represent. And I will continue to do just that. Thank you very much.


Camp Administration

The “How Bad is My Batch website can tell you the strength of the Covid injection that you took simply by typing in your Lot Number at the top left of the page. Apparently several batches were created where one batch could be saline and others way more deadly. “Batch-code” = “Lot Number” which is the number they write on your vaccination card: https://knollfrank.github.io/HowBadIsMyBatch/batchCodeTable.html

As I have often said, if you want to know whom the enemy fears—in this case, the Globalist-aligned Media Industrial Complex—look to the whip and lash of their words, their headlines and their glowing chyrons.



Yesterday i wrote a blog related to Covid19. You can find it here; https://www.buijsadvies.nl/uncategorized/covid-19/

It is written in Dutch. Here is the translation;

Well, now I have come to what has pretty much the whole world in its grip, and that is the story of “Covid 19″. What I am going to do is give you the reason why. To do this, I will go back to letters that I have written in the past. Then I will make the connections and explain clearly what is happening here.

First, I will post a letter that I wrote in 2014 and was addressed to Lodewijck Asscher at the time. The reason why I start with this is because it contains statements that I can now use in this sprecial blog. I will then refer you to another blog that is on this site and was addressed to Jet Bussemaker. I also need this blog in this specific blog to further explain the story Covid 19. Now follows the blog from 2014 addressed to Lodewijck Asscher. My request is do not click on links. Most of them do not work anymore and it only makes it confusing with regard to the message.

Than the letter written back in 2014 i will not translate here. If you want to read it please use http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Than i will go on with the text after the letter.

Well I continue my story regarding the explanation regarding Covid 19. First an explanation why I am posting this blog from 2014 now. In the letter I speak about “Ascension” and I indicate that I will have to embrace nature again. These statements come back later in this story.

The second letter is already on this site. The title is; Information which you REALLY CAN USE and which promotes YOUR well-being has been kept for you as best as possible T.A.V. Jet Bussemaker Posted by Apollo Solaris on Jun 13, 2014 in DING DONG (*), The Big Forest | Events in the Big Animal Forest, News | 11 comments

In this letter I talk about the Transhumanist agenda and about robots. I write; After all, they are the future and if we continue like this, soon we will all be little robots. This is also a bit of a programme that people have in mind for humanity.

First I will give a very short explanation about Ascension. The reason why I have posted the first letter again. Ascension is progress, advancement, Evolution. It is a broadening of the present consciousness. When people move forward globally and expand their consciousness they need less or even no guidance. No guidance or less control means that the current, old structures become superfluous and therefore indirectly pose a threat to those who want to keep it that way.

I’ll park the second statement about nature for a moment. This will come back later in the story after I have made the connections with Covid19.

I will now turn to the second letter which contains the statement: After all, they are the future and if we continue like this, they will all be little robots.

I firmly believe that small robots need a great deal of direction and control. From this I can conclude that people who behave like robots are not really a threat to those who want to keep it that way.

This brings me to the explanation of Covid19 and the connections with robots, Ascension and the tranhumanist agenda.

I am going to mention one aspect and that is magnetism. There is an enormous amount of information available at the moment that tries to warn you about the side effects but I am not going to post it here. For those who want to know where to find it, I refer you to Telegram. You can download it from the following link: https;//t.me/TAndroidAPK. There you can find groups discussing this.

A friend of mine recently did a test on several vaccinated people. She asked them to put a 50 cent coin on the spot where they had been vaccinated and all of them had the coin stick to it. In other words, they were magnetic.

I continue with the explanation of why people become magentic and what the point is. To do this I will go to a blog of mine called; Ignorance. Here is the link https://apollosolaris.com/2014/09/22/ignorance/

If you open the blog it says above the picture; Unopened DNA is magnetic (take / receive). Light is electrical (give / send)……Amplifier ?

We humans consist of two polarities and both are needed to achieve balance. If you take away one of the polarities, it is impossible to achieve balance. Back to Ascension, where I mentioned that it is a matter of expanding the consciousness, so that we need less or no guidance at all. In someone who is magnetic, the DNA cannot open. He or she can only take read receive. In other words. They need guidance and control to be able to function at all. The light that we all have within us at birth is extinguished by this. Someone who can no longer give, send will eventually behave like a robot. This is the “transhumanist agenda” story.

I will leave it there for now. In the reactions that follow, I will involve nature and what this has to do with the above story, and I will go further into the fact why the DNA in humans is currently opening up.

Than i will finish with what i wrote today

Frank Buijs
July 13, 2021 at 10:47 am Edit

Before I go into the DNA story and what nature has to do with all this, I will give you some groups that you can find on Telegram that deal with everything that has to do with vaccination.

Because I work in a German-speaking area, I mainly follow German-speaking groups. There is usually a translation option.
Here are some groups including one that deals with the magnetism story that I will post here in this comment.

Graphene Research – Verhaltenskontrolle der Bevölkerung durch ferngesteuert, angeregte Graphenoxid-Nanopartikel (5G Technologie) – Vaccine – Covid19 – Mind Control – 1984 – Transhumanismus

collected cases of body magnetism after covid vaccination as well as WITHOUT. The cause of which is most likely significant amounts of graphene oxide nanoparticles that enter bodies in different ways. Send to @GA_Magnetchallenge_Bot
Follow @GrapheneAgenda

Warum ist Barium Strontium und Aluminium in der Luft und in Impfstoffen?
Diese Notiz as PDF – https://ogy.de/Impfagenda


Cosmic Wisdom Keeper, Plant Medicine & Wellness, Holistic Practitioner, DNA & Lightbody Activation, Spreading Truth & doing God’s work 🧬💜

I will end this comment with an addition to the last group regarding ” Aluminium in der Luft und in Impfstoffen”.

In the air falls under the name ” Chemtrails”. In the past I have written about this frequently and have even written letters to the Obama administration at the time not knowing that they are behind this. If you search on this site and type in “Chemtrails” you will find the information and the letters that I wrote at the time.

So we will all go down together ?

Poroschenko, Neonazis, Merkel, Obama, EU – alle arbeiten Hand in Hand zusammen

Noch Fragen ?


Vladimir Putin, meet Noam Chomsky


War criminals, criminals against humanity and other crooks

For those of you who still think the Rockefellers are a bunch of has-beens, remember they have, according to Wikipedia

and other sources, funded and or led the following institutions:
The Council on Foreign Relations – David, David Jr., Nelson, John D. 3rd, John D. IV (Jay), Peggy Dulany, Rockefeller Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund.
The Trilateral Commission -David, Rockefeller Brothers Fund.
The Bilderberg Group – David, John D. IV.
The Asia Society – John D. III, John D. IV, Charles, David.
The Population Council – John D. III.
The Council of the Americas – David.
The Group of Thirty – The Rockefeller Foundation.
The World Economic Forum – David.
The Brookings Institution – Junior.
The Peterson Institute (Formerly the Institute for International Economics) – David, Monica.
The International Executive Service Corps – David.
The Institute for Pacific Relations – Junior.
The League of Nations – Junior.
The United Nations – Junior, John D. III, Nelson, David, Peggy Dulany, Rockefeller Brothers Fund.
The United Nations Association – David. Monica.

Remember that Richard Rockefeller who died on June 13th was head of Medicines Sans Frontieres, a group that has pledged to vaccinate all children under five years of age in the world. Given the huge amount of misinformed Malthusian propaganda emitting from Rockefeller think tanks about the need to reduce the world’s population, it is hard to imagine Richard wanted to vaccinate all those kids in order to help increase the world population.

The Federal Reserve Board families have presided over the introduction of sperm killing chemicals into household products like shampoo, soap and tooth-paste and cancer causing chemicals into our daily foods. They have also turned the US medical establishment into a bunch of goons who poison cancer patients with radiation and chemicals. They have also dumbed down the education system and hijacked the political system.

A lot of Americans are angry and want revolution. Last week alone the Governor of Louisiana said rebellion was brewing against Washington while the South Dakota Republican Party called for the impeachment of President Obama.

The military and the agencies have in their possession a full list of all the names and addresses of the members of the families that own the Federal Reserve Board. If anybody else wants to find out who they are, all they need to do is go to the local library and look them up in a Who’s Who.

Here is a message to David Rockefeller: “An old age is ending and a new age is beginning, it is time to pass on the torch with honour and dignity.” Let us set up a huge series of world-wide celebrations and announcements to celebrate the transition to an age of world peace and harmony.

Source: LINK

@Apollo Solaris

I AM God’s Divine LOVE in Action I AM God’s Divine WILL and POWER in Action. I AM God’s Divine WISDOM and INTELLIGENCE in ACTION. and I intend to bring PEACE, Love and Light to BALANCE the powers in the world – NOW! I AM APOLLO SOLARIS


Watch the video the New York Times doesn’t want you to see: Torture & Murder of Refugees in Israel

WATCH THE VIDEO the New York Times doesn’t want you to see: Torture & Murder of Refugees in Israel

I come to this magnificent house of worship tonight because my conscience leaves me no other choice.
A true revolution of values will lay hands on the world order and say of war this way of settling differences is not just.THIS BUSINESS OF BURNING HUMAN BEINGS with napalm of filling our nation’s homes with orphans and widows of injecting poisonous drugs of hate into veins of people normally humane of sending men home from dark and bloody battlefields physically handicapped and psychologically deranged cannot be reconciled with WISDOM, JUSTICE AND LOVE


The State Is Stealing Our Children – And How Huxley Predicted It Because He Knew What Was Coming

PF Classroom

4 T

4 T

Locked up and drugged because he asks questions

Read the article HERE

@Apollo Solaris

I AM God’s Divine LOVE in Action I AM God’s Divine WILL and POWER in Action. I AM God’s Divine WISDOM and INTELLIGENCE in ACTION. and I intend to bring PEACE, Love and Light to BALANCE the powers in the world – NOW! I AM APOLLO SOLARIS


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