DeepL Translate: The world’s most accurate translator

by apollosolaris

DeepL Translator


The translating system was first developed within Linguee by a team led by Chief technology officer Jaroslaw Kutylowski in 2016. It was launched as DeepL Translator on 28 August 2017, offering translations between English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Dutch.[17][18][19][9] With the launch, it claimed to have surpassed its competitors in self-conducted blind tests and BLEU scores, including Google Translate, Amazon Translate, Microsoft Translator and Facebook‘s translation feature.[20][21][22][23][24][25][26] With the release of DeepL in 2017, Linguee’s company name was changed to DeepL GmbH,[27] while being also financed by advertising on its sister site[28]

Support for Portuguese and Russian languages was added on 5 December 2018.[29][30] In July 2019, Jaroslaw Kutylowski became CEO of DeepL GmbH[31] and restructured the company into a Societas Europaea in 2021.[32] Translation software for Microsoft Windows and macOS was released in September 2019.[33][12] Support for Chinese (Simplified) and Japanese was added on 19 March 2020, which it claimed had surpassed aforementioned competitors as well as Baidu and Youdao.[34][35][36] 13 more European languages were added in March 2021.[37] On 25 May 2022, support for Indonesian and Turkish languages was added,[38] while support for Ukrainian language was added on 14 September 2022.[39] In January 2023, the company reached a valuation of 1 billion euro and became the most valued startup in Cologne.[40] 👇 👇