Everything that exists in the Divine Matrix of our Father-Mother God has intelligence and a purpose and reason for being

by apollosolaris

Let me try to put some words into this. First of all, my native Langue is Dutch. I can read and do understand basically everything what is written but writing is different story. So if it’s not written in perfect English forgive me for that…

I do believe that all of us that are here to make a difference, that are here because they heard the Call to do what they had to do and that’s make this World a better place. And do this the best they can.

Some of us are spreading Truth’s about the dark things that are doing done to our fellow human beings. Other’s are spreading positive news related to the changes we as a species are going trough. Others just hugging other people or smile at them. They paint or make make music witch also uplifts the human consciousness.

There are people who are interested about the real history about our planet and where do we come from. They do research and try to help there brothers and sisters to do the same. There are people who just found out that there is something just not right. They just start writing. None of us have all the truth but we use our skills to find the truth and share it with faith, others can do the same.

So basically every human being that is doing something to uplift the Consciousness of the Human race is doing something to make this Wold a better place.

Even those that are considered as controlled opposition are doing there best. Even those that are doing harm to our fellow brothers and sisters are doing what they have to do. They are used as catalysts for the Awakening for the entire Human Race.

The Awakening of the entire human race is a definitive outcome as predicts by many cultures before us. I do believe the outcome is defiantly written in the Stars. The way we get there is up to us as a collective based on our commitment to help each other without judgments about the way we do it seen through our own Glasses, or better expressed our capacity we see Reality at that specific moment we express ourselves. This Reality or the way we see Truth is changing day by day for every individual walking this Earth plane because every individual has his or her own Pad to follow.

Infighting about our truth’s that have the same intention which is uplifting the human race to a higher consciousness only delays the predicted definitive outcome which i already pronounced. My desire is that we that heard the call do and keep doing without any judgement to do others keep going on with that what keeps us going on.

Eventually you will light the spark in others who don’t see it yet That’s just nature … We all have the spark.

Everything that exists in the Divine Matrix of our Father-Mother God has intelligence and a purpose and reason for being

With LOve and the out-most respect to all of you…