You are a multi-dimensional being, the manifestation of light and sound in all its magnificence.

by apollosolaris

Reclaim your 
Health with
Etheric Surgery

Etheric Surgery is an ancient and scientific method that facilitates healing of the multi-dimensional anatomy.

From the blueprint level out through the layers of the auric field, this comprehensive healing procedure provides an organic cleansing, purification and restoration of the many layers of your light-body structure. In simple terms, it is a gentle, yet thorough, deep clean and rejuvenation of your ‘Spiritual House’. 

It is highly effective in treating physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalance stemming from deeply rooted individual, ancestral and collective trauma, pain and karmic super-imposition. Moreover, it sees to the removal of an extensive amount of etheric weaponry that serves to suppress human consciousness and its ability to expand.

​The intention of this healing procedure is to expand your relative state of embodiment, optimise your bio-neurological functioning and maximise the level of spiritual connection you have access to, ultimately supporting you in your return to bio-energetic harmony.