Qi Gong infused movements create….

by apollosolaris

Wellness Hero

The focus behind using Qi Gongis to be relaxed, bring in EASE and release TENSION, STRESS, & ANXIETY in the body & mind. Using Qi Gongallows a person to be in the present moment to listen, feel & guide your energy (Qi) with focus, breathing and moving. An amazing connection is created through this moving journey within, through, and around the body.  Qi Gongallows anyone to breathe in RELAXATION and exhale what no longer serves the body, mind or spirit.

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Qi Gongtranslates from Chinese to mean Energy Cultivation. When practicing Qi Gonga person will learn more about the bodies energy systems and how to provide healing focus. The flow created and feeling the sensations of moving Qi (Energy) can be felt each session. Applying Qi Gong both immediately and over time, allows…

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