by apollosolaris

To all Publicists, Transmitters and Unity Network Teams,


The Prosperity Campaign is set to launch on Monday, March 10. The Foundation would love any assistance you can give to help us spread the word!
This includes reaching out to your social contacts along with the many resonant spiritual networks working towards global peace and prosperity. We want to get as many souls on board as possible as we set the course for Divine Abundance for everyone.

It’s a proven fact that an awakened group consciousness has the collective power to be a major economic catalyst for the multitude.

The only real way that we can most effectively serve the unfolding Divine Plan in this regard is to have as many of us as possible perceiving and educating from levels of unlimited plenitude. To have the ability to realize wealth, whether we desire it or not, is to walk our talk as liberated Earth masters.
The PROSPERITY CODE is in each of us and when activated, it hands over the papers to our divine inheritance, free and clear. Embodying and radiating this code is more important than the actual method of monetary exchange or any new system developed around it.
Activating prosperity for ourselves, our global family and our beloved planet is our sincere privilege and gift.
Please join us in helping to make this campaign a resounding success!


With all our love,

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