John Denver, in 1982: “There’s still time to turn around, and make all hatred cease . . .

by apollosolaris

Breakthrough Energy Conference 2013 | Address to our International Leadership ?

MY WAY……….. PEACE PEACE PEACE or ONE WAY TICKET TO HELL AS GOD ATON DECREED, one more time Truth would go out to the fourwinds. One last time Truth would be brought to everyone on Earth Shan. This is now happening! Truth is now being given freely one more time to everyone on Earth Shan. Please consider that God Aton did not decree that you had to listen to Truth, read Truth or believe Truth. With your own freewill, you must choose. With your God Spirit within, you will know. This is now your opportunity to choose, for this is Truth being presented to you one last time. God Aton, the Hosts of Heaven and Space Command give no guarantee that you will be presented the Truth ever again in this lifestream, if you do not listen now. May you choose wisely.