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Heal cancer – No surgery

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Cancer, a life threatening disease for the patient but also leaves painful memories and genetic patterns for the loved ones of the patient. I would like to come to the point about healing of cancer.

Few years back I heard that a cancer patient can be healed without surgery, after few months universe made me meet such people , both healer and the healed, still my analytical mind didn’t believe it 100% that a CANCER patient can be healed without surgery. Yes I didn’t believe it completely though there was lot of evidences around me.

Today I believe it completely that YES , CANCER can be healed and vanished completely through Holistic healings, without any surgery without any Knife , without those painful sessions of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. These therapies are the most difficult phase during treatment of cancer, for the patient and its family, which generally causes low immune system, low self-esteem, and loss of hairs etc.

Question: Is it possible to eliminate cancer completely without a surgery?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to eliminate cancer completely without surgery.

Question How long does it take to get healed?

Answer: It depends from person to person , their level of faith and the depth of the issue. Some got healed in healing session whereas other can take few more sessions.

Question: Should a person leave medicines while taking these sessions?

Answer: No, a person should not leave prescribed medicines without consent of the doctor

Question How to validate the healing?

Answer: It can be validated through medical reports, if the client wants to.

Testimonial Reference:

Note: There are many clients who wish NOT to reveal about their disease. It is being published on the webpage after consent of the client only.

“I have turned a complete believer after my 4 year old Breast Cancer healed in just one session with Dr Monica Nagpal. I felt sick for 4 days after the session but completely hale and hearty after that. No lumps, no cysts. My gynae confirmed that my breast is healthy. I am so happy and thankfully to God that I took healing instead of going under the knife. It’s a great feeling to be disease free. I have taken two follow up sessions and today my complete perspective towards life is changed. God bless Dr Monica, she talks and one gets healed. She is a blessed soul and I am truly blessed I met her. She is such a joy to be with. Inspirational and yet so simple oozing with so much unconditional love.  (Annie, 58 years) “

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