Anti-Slavery Oz | Our mission is to work to eradicate trafficking and slavery

by apollosolaris

About us

Anti-Slavery Australia is the only specialist legal research and policy centre in Australia focused on the abolition of slavery, trafficking and extreme labour exploitation. Anti-Slavery grew out of a research focus on human trafficking at the UTS Community Law Centre from 2003 and continues to be part of the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology, Sydney. In 2005, Jennifer Burn an academic at UTS with Jenny Stanger (2005-07) an anti-trafficking advocate from the USA, developed a program at UTS based on the work already being done – this was the Anti-Slavery Project. The University recognised the Centre’s research, teaching and community focus and the Anti-Slavery Project became Anti-Slavery Australia in 2011.

Anti-Slavery is dedicated to eliminating all forms of trafficking and slavery through research, policy development, law reform, professional practice, education and advocacy to support the human rights of trafficked, enslaved and exploited people. We provide comprehensive legal advice[1], representation and assistance to people who have experienced trafficking or slavery in Australia, including advice about immigration, citizenship, human rights, employment law, family law, criminal law, victims’ compensation and more. Our legal staff are qualified solicitors as well as registered migration agents. The values of client confidentiality, the provision of timely and accurate legal advice, professional ethics and best practice are of the utmost importance to us.

We advocate for changes to laws and policies that will improve the protection of the rights of people who have been trafficked or enslaved. Our Director, Associate Professor Jennifer Burn, is an immigration and administrative law specialist. She represents Anti-Slavery Project on the Australian Government National Roundtable on People Trafficking and is the author of leading immigration law texts as well as many articles and submissions about how Australia can improve its response to trafficking. Our team include lawyer Cinda Viranna, law students, law graduates, volunteer social workers and recent graduates. Ruth Chandler is our centre coordinator. We convene the Sydney Community Trafficking Network, which brings together a range of community-based groups working collaboratively to address trafficking, pool resources and consult on the development of policies.

Some of our other activities include:

  • New research priorities on forced and servile marriage, deceptive recruitment and the supply chain.
  • Research on the patterns and practices of slavery and human trafficking in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Skills-based practical training on slavery and human trafficking issues.
  • Outreach, education and media advocacy.
  • Awareness raising of all forms of trafficking and slavery.
  • Coordinating the Sydney Trafficking Network to assist survivors and build capacity in the community.

We rely on the contributions of volunteers from a range of disciplines – law, social work, media and communications, management, to name a few. We’re always happy to hear from people who can volunteer. To find out how you can get involved with Anti-Slavery Australia, click here.

“Our mission is to work to eradicate trafficking and slavery and we are grateful to our many volunteers and supporters who join with us in this human rights work”

We are grateful to the Australian Minister for Home Affairs and the Australian Attorney-General’s Department for a current grant to raise awareness of all forms of trafficking in Australia, to ACRATH for funding in support of our legal service and the City of Sydney for a grant to develop awareness raising materials. We are also grateful for the pro bono support from Mallesons Stephen Jaques and Clayton Utz. Former donors include the Sisters of Charity Foundation, Mary McKillop Foundation, Mercy Foundation and the Mary Potter Foundation.

[1] Anti-Slavery Australia legal service is conducted by J.M Burn Solicitor. J.M Burn Solicitor has been seconded to the Anti-Slavery Australia by the UTS Law Faculty to provide legal advice and representation to trafficked people.