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Raising Social Consciousness: The Foundation of Shop To Stop Slavery
Shop To Stop Slavery was created in 2010 as a tool to help raise social consciousness particularly in regards to the subject of human trafficking. After learning about the issue, Robin Rossmanith (Shop to Stop Slavery founder) searched for a way to make a difference, a way to educate others and a way to empower them with things they could do on a daily basis to help bring about an end to human slavery.

This website will teach you about the issues. It will teach you about ways you can help by being an educated consumer. It will teach you what to look for so that you might help save a human trafficking victim or put a trafficker out of business. It will teach you ways to educate your family and others around you.

Shop To Stop Slavery does not sell products online. STSS is an online directory of stores that feature ethically sourced products. If a business is featured on Shop To Stop Slavery, it has met rigid standards and is wholeheartedly endorsed. Shop To Stop Slavery is also a source for the latest and most timely information on the issue.

Social Consciousness and Human Trafficking
Shop To Stop Slavery strives to educate you about modern day slavery. Also known as human trafficking, it is a multi-faceted term. It encompasses:

–          Individuals who are abducted and forced into slavery
–          Debt bondage, whereby individuals are coerced to work for another because of the illusion of a debt
–          Child labor both in America and internationally
–          Children in the commercial sex industry
–          Household slavery
–          Sex slavery

As you become more aware of the issues, you are more likely to identify examples of human trafficking that you come across in your own life. You will also view potential trafficking situations in a different light than you would without this knowledge.

Social Consciousness and Consumers
As a consumer, you have a lot of power. If you choose to stop buying items that are produced by slaves, the demand drops. If you purchase items that have been made by survivors of human trafficking, you are supporting a new lifestyle for those individuals. If you purchase ethically sourced products, you increase the demand for such items.

Shop To Stop Slavery provides you with timely recommendations about where to shop for every occasion. It also teaches you what to look for when shopping locally and how you can minimize your slavery footprint. Check what your slavery footprint is here


Social Consciousness and Families
The key to raising social consciousness is to involve families. As we raise a new generation of children who are aware of the issue of human trafficking, we have taken the most important step to stop human traffickers. Shop To Stop Slavery provides you with a variety of suggestions to help you teach your children about the issue. For those striving to raise socially conscious children, we are the resource.

Raising social consciousness is the true focus of Shop To Stop Slavery. As we become are equipped with knowledge, we become everyday abolitionists, who will be the catalysts to ending modern day slavery.

To learn more, check out this video from Shop To Stop Slavery founder, Robin Rossmanith: Why Shop to Stop Slavery

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