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MONDAY 10th FEBRUARY 2014 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start

The Alien Agenda – What ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know

Having spoken at New Horizons in 2013 and proved very popular, we are delighted that Simon Parkes can visit us again.

Simon’s first talk touched on his life – from childhood to present time, and how growing up in an Illuminati family shaped and directed his values and beliefs. The audience learnt of his links through his family to MI6 and MI5 and his on-going association with UFOs.

In his second talk, Simon will go into more detail regarding the UFO situation and its close connection to elite bodies. Simon will detail some of his experiences and seek to assist the audience to get a fresh perspective on a subject that is complex and intricately linked with the Powers That Be.

Simon is an elected local politician, a member of the establishment, and as such presents a serious challenge to controlling elements who wish to lie and falsify information to the public in the name of national security.

MONDAY 17th FEBRUARY 2014 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start

The People v. The Banks: The Last Battle

An insight by the highly popular speaker, Mark Cocking, into the core belief of religion and its relationship with the ruling oligarchy.

For 35 years, Mark has explored the financial enslavement of humanity. As a Druid and within his financial career, he has had diverse involvements with bankers, Templars, freemasons, esoteric societies, religious leaders, activists, occultists, scientists, business leaders, politicians, writers and researchers.

As an activist and the only Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers to have challenged the occult oligarchy – publicly and from within the financial world, at great personal cost – Mark is aware that the ‘Truth Communities’ have been subject to a psychological operation to convince them not to unify.

The presentation will be sharing insights and asking questions, a few of which we all need to ask ourselves… such as the ultimate reality of numbers as the core belief of the religion of the ruling oligarchy and the unquestionable proof of this which unifies all natural sciences.

MONDAY 24th FEBRUARY 2014 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start

Who Wants a Change in State? Personally, Nationally, Globally? Come!

Darren Deogee is a regular and highly respected speaker at New Horizons: it’s sure to be a fascinating evening.

Darren: “I cannot tell you now about the content of this evening, because the Livings Words I will spell out will not have the same meaning if I wrote them here. I come from, and represent, a different State. One that I believe some of you aspire to, but I cannot share the keys until we meet, until you come to this event.

“This is a truly magical session, where quantum rules apply – its not just a fixed talk or a slideshow: if you come, the event will be different than if you didn’t. A full spectrum of possibility applies where none can know how far we can go until That Now. So what difference will telling you about the night now make?

“None. You simply have to answer the question in the title and Choose: but be aware, attendees may feel the Quickening of the fiery pulse as one of this planet’s Top Mammals begin to course alive through their veins as the depth of your shackling will be both revealed and loosened, and the doors that will be opened can never be closed again. This is Mental Healing and This is Real.”


MONDAY 3rd MARCH 2014 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start

Neural Warfare and The Paranormal Identity

The highly-regarded Tony Topping shares a personal account of synthetic mind control targeting

Tony Topping is well known as a media broadcaster and specialist in UFOs and Paranormal Espionage. His highly strange experiences astound many.

By popular demand, Tony is taking you on a journey into his clash with an unknown intelligence agency acting – without oversight – making him a targeted individual, or TI, under Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAP) mind invasive technology in a private war spanning five years.

Tony is the real deal when it comes to synthetic mind control targeting and it is in the public interest for Tony to speak out.

He has been described as a “paranormal Jason Bourne”: the fictional secret agent Jason Bourne who sought the Bourne Identity.

Tony seeks to understand his identity and why he was a TI in hope of seeking justice against those who covertly harassed him.

Tony’s website: www.tonytopping.co.uk

MONDAY 10th MARCH 2014 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start

Introduction to the Dignity Alliance union

A much-demanded speedy return of the fascinating rob b

The concept behind the Dignity Alliance is that it is open to almost everyone to join as a member and will represent the voice of the majority across a whole spectrum of issues who have come to realise that politics and the world of international commerce no longer listens to us nor serves us. We are reduced to being corporate assets. Our humanity and dignity is being taken from us. The Alliance’s umbrella campaign is to end the current system of Judicial Apartheid where corporations and cartels are not only above common justice but now would appear to be controlling the justice system and its mechanisms for their own ends.

If you are opposed to the endemic corruption that permeates every aspect of the institutions of this land and have something to bring to the Alliance, then rob would be especially interested in making your acquaintance. Alone we are easy targets. Working peacefully together in good spirit is the only way we will start to turn this mess around.

At the foundation of the Alliance is the opening sentence of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.”

rob b will explain the new secretive feudal City-Regions and devolution of “power” to a few powerful cartels, and how vulnerable is this Agenda 21 policy to investigation, prosecution, and publicity if we form an alliance that will offer hope to all good people.

“It’s about “nudging” back. Its about saving lives. Its about being positive and empowering the many millions who feel they are powerless. WE are THE power! Allied, we peacefully and non-violently exercise that inherent power and create a future that we and future generations can look forward to…”

MONDAY 17th MARCH 2014 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start

Juice Yourself Slim and Healthy

Simple steps to Healthy Living by the much-respected Neil Williams

Most of us know intuitively that fruit and vegetables are good for our health and that junk food has detrimental effects on our bodies and minds. But how powerful can diet be in addressing serious health concerns such as obesity and other chronic conditions?

In this presentation, we shall be looking at the role of juicing in staying healthy and in restoring health and vitality. Of particular interest is documentaries such as ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ by Australian Joe Cross who lost pounds of weight and got off his steroid medication that was used to control his chronic skin condition. We shall also be looking at ‘Raw for 30 Days’ where people with diabetes try a radical treatment form of treatment for a month.

Finally there will be a look at juicing machines as there seems so many to choose from. In particular, Neil will be looking at the two main types of juicer and the pros and cons of each.

There will be a practical demonstration of some juicers so you may get a chance to try fresh juice!

MONDAY 24th MARCH 2014 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start

Who Was Moses?

What Was The Ark of the Covenant?

Are the Biblical Accounts of the Exodus Credible?

These big questions will be addressed by author, Michael Goulding

Michael Goulding is the author of ‘Legacy Of The Sphinx’ and several other major novels of romantic suspense.

‘Legacy of the Sphinx’ features an old English inn on the smuggler’s coast of North Cornwall, a 3500 year-old mystery and two people prepared to break their sacred vows as they begin to fall in love . . .

The story also suggests an unconventional – but entirely plausible in the light of the historical and anecdotal evidence – solution to the age-old mystery of what happened to the Ark of the Covenant following its disappearance several hundred years after the reign of Solomon and before the birth of Jesus Christ.

Michael will uncover the unbelievable facts he unearthed about what has been called “The Greatest Story Ever Told” during the five years he spent researching his first novel.

He will argue that we – you, I, all of us – have never been told the truth about what modern science has now discovered: that recent advances in physics, chemistry and biology, the “new knowledge” if you like, has staggering implications for every one of us as individuals. And he will relate this knowledge to Moses and what he is said to have achieved.

Michael’s Amazon website: Michael Goulding

MONDAY 31st MARCH 2014 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start

Britain’s Responsibility in 1914 and Its Relation to Our Current World Situation

Terry Boardman – a brilliant historian and researcher, addressing a very controversial and topical issue: World War I

“Those who control the past, control the future; those who control the present, control the past.” (‘1984’ by George Orwell).

Never was this saying more true. Never was the need for understanding of historical truth more important than this year.

2014 is a crux year for England, Britain, the UK.

As we approach the centenary of the outbreak of the Great War in 1914 and the Scottish referendum on independence, the British Establishment, or rather, the transatlantic Establishment, through its instruments in academia and the media, is trying to peddle to the British people a particular view of the causes of the Great War in 1914 – a view which is contrary to the truth. It is in essence the view they peddled in August 1914 and in 1919 after the Armistice: “German guilt” and “British righteousness”.

The elite are doing this in order to keep the British people “on-side” so that they can maintain a national image of Britain and its history that they can use for their far-reaching goals in the 21st Century.

To these ends, in this year’s centenary, they seek to exploit the British people’s long-sorrowing sentiment over the losses of the Great War. Sorrow over the Somme and Passchendaele has been used for decades to distract our attention from who actually organised the Great War and why. The assassination at Sarajevo 1914 was the ultimate conspiracy that sparked the great conflicts of the 20th Century that shaped our world and are continuing to do so.

What has been seeking to develop as the New World Order, for example, since “the end of the Cold War” in 1989-1991, really emerged in its first outlines in 1914-1919.

In this talk, Terry Boardman, who has been drawn to the subject of the causes of the First World War since 1964, will show what is at stake in today’s struggle for the truth about the reality of 1914.

Terry’s website: www.threeman.org



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Sun (Tawa) Kachina
Precisely because our epoch since the 15th century is the epoch of the struggle for freedom, the epoch in which human beings endeavour to realise what they really are, this epoch is what Steiner called the age of the Mystery of Evil, that is, of our struggle to comprehend Good and Evil. Why evil? In this epoch human beings wake up to their true nature in the struggle with evil, both within them and outside them, and it is in this epoch that after the ‘Crucifixion’ and DEATH of the traditional Christian CHURCHES which is going on presently, “by a strange paradox, mankind is led to a renewed experience of the Mystery of Golgotha in the fifth epoch [1413-3573] through the forces of evil”(20) that is, in the struggle with evil READ MORE

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I AM God’s Divine LOVE in Action I AM God’s Divine WILL and POWER in Action. I AM God’s Divine WISDOM and INTELLIGENCE in ACTION. and I intend to bring PEACE, Love and Light to BALANCE the powers in the world – NOW! I AM APOLLO SOLARIS


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