UPDATE: Truckers Ride to DC. (VIDEO)

by apollosolaris

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

I picked this photo up at theBeforeItsNewssite I posted yesterday. ~J

One of our Readers shared this important in a Comment:

UDATE: From Trucker Spokesman “The General” via Guerilla Media (Santilli)

“The General” Says the Virginia police are with the Truckers, supportive. People out in cars & on foot honking, doing a dance & waving hands & flags– couple cars carrying flags bigger than their cars (almost) lol. Trucker Spokesman was chuckling more than talking. He’s feelin’ good with support he’s seeing.

Other Truckers, Convoys still arriving– meeting up in groups at specific sites set-up for them by good ppl along their routes. They’re organizing together at these sites, (one site had food & a live band waiting for them), they’re organizing so things run safe & smoothly– for when they reach DC.

This was just reported.
God Bless us all.

This is an earlier update from Emma…

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