Apollo Solaris

Humanity’s return to its natural fully awakened and fully conscious state has never been in doubt.

The Anunnaki on…

The Anunnaki on Earth are awaiting reinforcements from their masters, the Anunnaki Elite……..


The Annunaki return to Teach Love of Oneself,
Love of Each Other and, above all, Love of God.
May the Almighty and Everlasting Source shine
Light on each One.


Acredite em mim – A Mãe Divina através Isabel Henn. 10.10.2013

Mother is the most Powerful Focal Point of the Godly Plan. She is Creative


With the accurate understanding of God and His law they went about the work building a new nation: The Rainbow Children

The Wise One who understood the law that was handed down from God long ago reflected the true meaning 2 his woman every day and she surrendered her discerning of it in2 his care and keeping 4 she trusted he would lead in the right way. Her children in subjection 2 her. She in subjection 2 the Wise One in subjection 2 the only begotten one, all ~ 4ever in subjection 2 God.

Just like the Sun, the Rainbow Children rise. Flying upon the wings of the New Translation. C them fly, fly. The covenant will b kept this time. Just like the Sun, the Rainbow Children rise.
Rainbow children, it’s time 2 rise! Rainbow children, it’s time 2 rise!
As prophesied, the Wise One and his woman were tempted by the Resistor. He knowing full well the Wise One´s love 4 God assimilated the woman first and only. Quite naturally, chaos ensued and she and 5 others were banished from the Rainbow….4ever.
Just like the Sun, the Rainbow Children rise. Flying upon the wings of the New Translation. C them fly, fly. The covenant will b kept this time. Just like the Sun, the Rainbow Children rise.
Just like the Sun, the Rainbow Children rise. Flying upon the wings of the New Translation. C them fly, fly. The covenant will b kept this time. Just like the Sun, the Rainbow Children rise.
Who is ur real father?
The one who came from nothing . And yet from this one everything comes. The one who commands ur momma With the simple phrase “I am“ And every time that she obeys She gives birth 2 the Son of Man Who is this?
Reproduction of the new breed leader Stand up and organize!
Reproduction of the new breed leader Stand up and organize!

The Agreement ~With every birth we keep it so. Never changing one piece of it. In fear of what would unfold The scales would then become unbalanced And thus begin the fall. The sin of one would then become The sin of one and all

Rise, rise,rise,…
Rise, Rainbow Children, rise
Rise, Rainbow Children, rise
The Wise One who understood the law that was handed down from God long ago, held fast in his belief that the Lord would bring him another one who loved him so.
If she could b Muse 2 the Pharaoh
Then one day she might b Queen
If like Sheba, she then could bring presents/presence and wine
The helix be might get between them.
In other words, intertwitle
With the ebony and milk of her thighs
If she could b Muse and let him decide Perhaps she’ll let him decide
If she could b Muse 2 the Pharaoh
There is nothing he wouldn,t give her C
4the future of the nation rests in her belly And if the Proverb of ƺ1 and verse 10 Becomes the song, she sings again and again She might b Queen

The silverplatinum flame

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Tradução: Candido Pedro Jorge)

Filho, você é bastante forte e capaz de conseguir muito. Acredite em mim. Não foi escolhido sem razão para estar neste momento na Terra. Tem uma vontade forte, uma constituição forte e muito amor em seu coração.

Muitas outras criaturas se voluntariaram e também foram escolhidas. Isso por si só já é um sinal de sua grandeza. Está muito bem equipado para esta exigente, embora gratificante missão.

Pode fazer e conseguirá minha criança. Sei disso porque está muito bem a banhar-se no meu Amor para lhe dar ainda mais vigor.

Sua Mãe Divina

Copyright © Isabel Henn. É permitido compartilhar esta mensagem em sua forma completa, sem alterações, e quando o nome do autor eo link para o site original é dado. http://thesilverplatinumflame.wordpress.com/

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Changing Times

So much news,
The Earth is changing
With great reviews.

We’re in the fourth
Taking in the Light.
Chaos is working.
Things just aren’t right.

As things fall apart
We’re getting better.
We’re ascending
Down to the letter.

Out with the old.
In with the new.
We’re Lightworker veterans.

Stay in the now.
Breathe in the Light.
The answers are in us.
We are so bright.

Take on the challenges.
Let go of the past.
The old wounds
Can no longer last.

Wrap these up
In Golden Light;
We’re taking off
Like space ships in flight.

We’re moving
At the speed of Light;
Rising to the top
Is perfectly all right.

Why be down
When you can beam yourself up?
The Light is with us.
It’s not going to stop.

Poem by Valerie Donner

Die ultimative Quelle ist das Nichts, Zero Point

Hier habe ich ein paar faszinierende Ansichten in einem der Skype-Räume gefunden, die ich gerne mit euch teilen möchte.

Viel Spaß mit dem Futter für’s Gehirn

Übersetzung: Patrizia

Von Emissary Decahedron5D

Bild 34

Bezüglich Source Underwriting – Die ultimative Quelle ist das Nichts, Zero Point. Alle Existenz kommt aus dem Nichts und mit der Gesamtheit aller (The One) addiert ergibt es Nichts für alle, weil alle Gegensätze ausgeglichen sind. Wenn jemand Wert erschafft (+1) erhält jemand anderer diesen Wert (-1), die Summe ist dann = O. Alles (1) wird aufgerechnet mit Nichts (0). Es gibt nur ein Nichts, daher IST das Nichts Eins, dennoch ist das Nichts Nichts. Also ist das Nichts Nichts, das Eins ist – Das ursprüngliche Paradox. Wir sind der widersinnige Ausdruck des ursprünglichen Paradoxons. Keine bedeutenden Zertifikate, Symbole oder Währungen werden benötigt für die Menschen. Der Erschaffer des Wertes und der Empfänger des Wertes wissen, daß der Wert…

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