We support the Inner Peace Movement

by apollosolaris


The Inner Peace Movement that has been in motion for generations is now becoming Global.

“Today, we are more globally connected than ever before but are we really unified?

Right now, as you’re watching this, our brothers and sisters in Syria are suffering from a chemical weapon attack and world governments are considering war.

Most of us hear this news and ask, why?

When we look into a child’s eyes, do we see race, religion, beliefs?

No. We see the purity, innocence and truth that is our original nature.

The beauty of the human race.

This beauty have motivated the great movements of our time for equality, human rights and freedom.

For that time a group unified with ONE Purpose, ONE Heartbeat achieved the impossible.

This September 21st, on The International Day of Peace, a global movement is unifying.

Worldwide, on this day, hundreds of groups, leaders, and organizations are mobilizing in a synchronized prayer and meditation for world peace.

“world peace can only come from inner peace” – The Dhali Lama

We meditate to embody the peace we wish to see in the world.

If it was proven that violence could be lowered in cities by groups meditating, what will happen when millions of us meditate together, unifying for world peace?

Will a movement of global inner peace eventually create World Peace?

The power of a focused collective consciousness is one of our greatest untapped potentials.

This is where you come in.

You can close this message and do nothing. That’s your choice.

Or you can choose to step up.

Attend an inner peace event in your city or organize one.

Forward this message & the movement spreads.

It’s that easy

Share the videos and images on facebook

If you believe in this dream, join us.

The call to unify has begun

Together, we are a global synchronized force of nature.

Together, we can change the course of history.

Together, the story of war ends. ” – unify