Good News for clean energy as I personally move to transition further

by apollosolaris

The Free Energy Party is ushering in a new era, a golden renaissance, and a paradigm shift toward life more abundant. This answer, with your help, is manifesting now through The Free Energy party. The Free Energy Party is the first political party in United States history to invite women presidential candidates from every state in the union. It is repugnant that we have Miss America contests making objects out of women and no speech making contests for women presidents.


Physics students around the world do this “discovery” with some regularity again, but no one can do something with it. All schools and universities that are members of the so-called knowledge Alumni network – and these are almost all of them – ensure that such discoveries are not taken to protect the establishment out. In return, they receive annually a large sponsorship amount

Endlich! Wir haben den perfekten Weg gefunden, um den Menschen die Technologie der Freien Energie zugänglich zu machen!